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Pine needles and pine cones for bushcraft

by WoodlandsTV ~ 8 August, 2011 ~ 60 comments

The pine tree has a lot to offer the bushcraft enthusiast from a source of vitamin C to a colander! In the first of 3 films, survival expert Sean Collins demonstrates the uses of pine needles and cones in a woodland setting. In subsequent programmmes he talks about pine string and uses for a dead pine tree.

Wolfshead Bowmen, woodland archery

by WoodlandsTV ~ 26 January, 2011 ~ 6 comments

A fascinating insight into the activities of one of the UK's premier re-enactment groups. Demonstrating the use and power of the traditional long bow, they perform at events around the country. Woodlands TV met them at the Weald Wood Fair where people of all ages could "have a go". Neil Eddiford describes the ethos of the group, and the power of the arrows which can penetrate chain mail or armour. There are different ways of shooting including "roving" in woodlands choosing different targets at unmarked distances.

The Kelly Kettle

by WoodlandsTV ~ 12 November, 2009 ~ 11 comments

One of our earliest and most popular films now in better quality! For a cup of tea or boiling water miles from anywhere the Kelly Kettle is the answer.

Chainsaws – Fixing A Slack Recoil Starter

by WoodlandsTV ~ 11 October, 2009 ~ 13 comments

In our last chainsaw maintenance video Paul Collins shows us how to fix a slack recoil starter on a chainsaw. www.woodlands.co.uk www.dulwichstudios.com

Tensioning The Chain on a Chainsaw

by WoodlandsTV ~ 3 October, 2009 ~ 14 comments

Paul Collins continues his demonstration by replacing the guide bar and showing how to adjust the tension of the chain.

Art In The Woods

by WoodlandsTV ~ 12 September, 2009 ~ 2 comments

Jackie Jeffrey describes the benefits of a woodland environment for inner city children, and the art work which has been created.

Planting A Tree: Part Two

by WoodlandsTV ~ 6 September, 2009 ~ one comment

After placing his tree in the ground Richard Scholfield shows us how you can protect you tree and give it a better chance of surviving.

Planting A Tree: Part One

by WoodlandsTV ~ 15 August, 2009 ~ comments welcome

In the first part of this two part tutorial Richard Scholfield shows us how to plant a tree properly.


by WoodlandsTV ~ 30 June, 2009 ~ 26 comments

In the final part of the tree felling series David Rossney trims the limbs from the main trunk. Using the forester's measuring tape and chainsaw he then cuts the trunk into 2 metre lengths

Felling a hung up tree

by WoodlandsTV ~ 16 June, 2009 ~ 128 comments

In part 3 David Rossney makes chainsaw cuts to a tree so it falls where he wants. He also deals with a common problem, a "hung up" tree, where the surrounding trees stop it falling as planned.

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