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Jessop Wood - SOLD, Derbyshire - Over 7 ¼ acres, £65,000

Jessop Wood - SOLD

Located on the southern edge of Leashaw Wood with excellent views over the Derwent Valley, this deciduous woodland and its surroundings fall within the Derwent Valley World Heritage Site buffer zone.

Tree species are many and varied: coppiced hazel is plentiful, sycamore is prolific both coppiced and also growing to a large size, oak and ash are also found along with alder, easily identified by its cone-like mast. Wych elm with its rough-feeling serrated leaves is also scattered through the wood. Stone walls run along three of the boundaries including the southern edge of the wood where plenty of light has encouraged a number of very large oak and sycamore to grow: these are brilliant vantage points for buzzards that often perch here or wheel over the valley with their plaintive mewing calls.

Jessop Wood grows well on a sun-catching southwest facing slope and is light and airy with a patchwork of enchanting clearings and the entire wood is punctuated with clusters of large rocks which are evidence of long-standing human working of the area, including quarries being worked close by. These four quarries operated for about 100 years and closed in the 1930s. The grit stone was utilised mainly in the production of mill stones, some of which may be found, half finished or un-wanted reject stones, blending into the woodland floor. Other uses included the iron work foundries.

A cleared path meanders into the wood from the ride-stop, on its way it crosses a small rocky depression, which could have been the result of quarrying in the past, before arriving at a shady coppiced area. Here the woodland floor is clear with only ferns, bluebells and patches of stitchwort springing up. Close by, a tiny trickling beck springs from the ground and percolates downhill, eventually making its way into the River Derwent in the valley bottom below. Here one can make use of the conveniently placed sycamore tree, which is fallen but still growing, for use as a bench. The coppice stools in this area are well established, as can be seen from the large poles, as well as many sun shoots, indicating that coppice management has not taken place for some time. The prevalence of sycamore could be harnessed as a very useful source of firewood. The resulting increased light levels reaching the woodland floor, would greatly enhance the diversity of flora and the general wildlife within the wood would benefit greatly.

During spring and early summer, the clearings and trees of different age and height offer the ideal habitat for many bird species, whose songs echo through the wood. The rhythmic song of the chiff chaff, provides the backdrop to the tuneful warbles and trills of wrens which flit through the canopy.

The wood is named after Josias Jessop, one of the great British canal engineers of the nineteenth century who surveyed the route for The Cromford and High Peak Railway, completed in 1831. The railway linked the Cromford Canal to the Peak Forest Canal at Whaley Bridge to create a through route from the north and east Midlands to Manchester and the south Lancashire region, avoiding the long Trent and Mersey Canal journey. A height difference of over one thousand feet between the two canals meant that a series of 8 winding engines were used to haul carriages up steep inclines. The two steam beam engines at Middleton Top are still operational on public open days.

The purchasers of the woodland will be asked to enter into a covenant to ensure the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of adjoining woodlands and meadows.

  • Price: £65,000 Freehold
  • Location: Crich, Holloway, near Matlock, Derbyshire
  • Size: Over 7 ¼ acres for sale


Boundaries are marked in red: on trees which follow the footpath along the northern boundary, and the markings on the southern and western boundaries are also on trees adjacent to the stone wall.

Jessop Wood - SOLD map Jessop Wood - SOLD map Jessop Wood - SOLD map

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Local manager

dan Dan Watson
07970 116 515 or 0113 286 3701

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OS Landranger: OS No 119
Grid ref: SK 334 555
Nearest post code: DE4 5HD



Just 6 miles from Matlock, 15 miles from Chesterfield and 20 miles from Mansfield.


Boundaries are marked in red: on trees which follow the footpath along the northern boundary, and the markings on the southern and western boundaries are also on trees adjacent to the stone wall.

Jessop Wood - SOLD mapJessop Wood - SOLD mapJessop Wood - SOLD map

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