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Frobisher Wood, Kent - 4 ½ acres, £49,000

Frobisher Wood

Frobisher Wood offers a new owner three wonderfully contrasting types of woodland. Viewing from the east side, first there is an area of mature chestnut coppice, then recently coppiced chestnut with naturally regenerating mixed broadleaf, and to the west an area of established larch. Situated to the north of Abbey Wood North, the wood benefits from a long field boundary which allows lots of sunlight into the woods. There are many elder trees along the field edge of the wood. The wood slopes gently to the north. Despite its unusual long shape, the wood feels wide due to the topography and density of the younger coppice.

The mature chestnut coppice is in the east of Frobisher Wood and is easily accessed from the ride stop entrance. In late spring bluebells flourish on the forest floor. The recently coppiced area in the middle section of the wood includes many mature oak standards. There are a lot of young broadleaf species within this area, including birch, oaks and mountain ash. An owner could reasonably encourage growth of these, and other mixed broadleaves. A private walk path has been created allowing an owner to access the interior of the wood. Along this path a bench has been installed in a clearing by one of the splendid oaks. Amongst the coppice there are small clearings with patches of willowherb and foxgloves – encouraging insects and butterflies. The western area of Frobisher Wood contains mainly mature larch, as well as younger oak, hazel, birch and hawthorn with bracken on the forest floor.

The majority of Frobisher Wood has been designated as mixed Ancient Semi Natural Woods ASNW. The section to the west containing the larch has been designated as Ancient Replanted Woodland (PAWS) by Natural England. This land has been wooded since at least 1600AD. Sparrow hawks, buzzards, great and lesser spotted woodpeckers and lesser redpoll have been recorded in the area.

The main entrance is via double metal gates off Gravelly Bottom Lane and the wood is approximately 530 meters along a stoned track. Owners are able to drive in and park a car at the entrance to the wood itself. There is a generous timber storage area which is shared with the other owners just inside the main entrance gates.

Woodlands have granted permission for local walkers to use the established track to the south of Frobisher Wood (outside the boundary of the wood) noted as a ‘permissive path’ on the map.

We are fortunate to have two useful studies, which were undertaken by professionals. The Management Plan has been written by a qualified and experienced forestry professional to indicate a way in which Abbey Woods (of which Frobisher Wood is a part) as a whole might be managed, but only you can know what you want to achieve and what your resources are. The Management Plan is not mandatory, but it is full of good advice, and a lot of background information which will certainly be interesting and useful. We also have a report from our Professional Adviser Prof. Julian Evans, author of “Getting Started in a Wood of Your Own”. The report covers the wider area of Abbey Woods and again, advice is not compulsory. Please bear in mind that not everything in either of them applies to the particular area of Abbey Woods which is Frobisher Wood.

Maidstone is approximately 5 miles from Frobisher Wood and the Grade I Listed Leeds Castle is less than 2 1/5 miles nearby.

Frobisher Wood has recently been named after the 15th century English explorer Sir Martin Frobisher.

The purchasers of the woodland will be asked to enter into a covenant to ensure the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of adjoining woodlands and meadows.

  • Price: £49,000 Freehold
  • Location: Langley Heath, Kent
  • Size: 4 ½ acres for sale


The boundaries of the wood are indicated with BLUE markings.

Frobisher Wood map Frobisher Wood map Frobisher Wood map Frobisher Wood map Frobisher Wood map

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Local manager

ruthandjames Ruth and James Feltham
07812 165081

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How to find this woodland

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Do remember to also check that it is still available for sale. If you have seen the woodland and wish to be accompanied on a second more detailed visit please contact our local manager.

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OS Landranger: OS No 188
Grid ref: TQ 822 515
Nearest post code: ME17 3GZ



Please note, for satellite navigation, use the post code ME17 3GZ. This will take you to within approx. ⅓ mile of Abbey Wood North as shown by the red dot on the map. Coordinates to the main entrance gate leading to Frobisher Wood off Gravelly Bottom Road are: N51.232004, E0.604416. To find the wood follow the instructions below.


The boundaries of the wood are indicated with BLUE markings.

Frobisher Wood mapFrobisher Wood mapFrobisher Wood mapFrobisher Wood mapFrobisher Wood map

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