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Building a wooden bridge in woodlands ~ by mikepepler

By mikepepler

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Mike and Tracy Pepler organised this volunteer project to build a bridge that would be strong enough for a car to drive over.  The bridge was built of timbers from the woodland itself and the volunteers were from the EWB UK unit at Imperial College in London.

Posted in: Skills, Wood for Building ~ On: 29 April, 2012

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December 10, 2017

Craig Le Privit nothing wrong with that, especially if you're just doing it for fun (not to mention not wanting to kill a stranger) lol.

Mike Pepler
December 10, 2017

+user.equalto.Null yes, it was a group of students, none of them had ever built a bridge before, and I pretty much left the design to them, I just did the chainsawing and provided the tools. It's still in use now, so not too bad!

Mike Pepler
December 10, 2017

+user.equalto.Null thanks! 🙂

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