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Finding Hedgehog Mushrooms in the Woodlands

by WoodlandsTV ~ 15 January, 2015 ~ 8 comments

Fraser Simpson continues his wild mushroom foraging. This month he introduces us to the highly desirable Hedgehog Mushrooms...

A CAN FILM for Woodlands TV

Additional photography by Laura Turner www.wildlifegardenproject.com

Ancient Woodland Indicators

by WoodlandsTV ~ 29 December, 2014 ~ 15 comments

Naturalist expert, John Rhyder, walks through a Sussex wood, stopping to identify the plants, trees and physical features of an ancient woodland. John explains how even the surrounding area...

Mushrooms Growing on Trees

by WoodlandsTV ~ 15 December, 2014 ~ 17 comments

While Fraser Simpson introduces us to some amazing mushrooms, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer peeks in through the Woodland...

Fraser is currently developing a catering and/or supply business which is primarily vegetarian, with meat dishes that can be served on the

[email protected]


commissioned by Woodlands TV

Wild Mushroom Foraging in the Woodlands – Russula Series

by WoodlandsTV ~ 15 November, 2014 ~ 29 comments

Foraging for the best of ingredients. Fraser is currently developing a catering and/or supply business which is primarily vegetarian, with meat dishes that can be served on the side. www.alittle...

How to Make Trugs

by WoodlandsTV ~ 22 February, 2014 ~ 13 comments

Dominic Parrette deftly demonstrates how to make trugs using sweet chestnut and white willow. There are only a handful of professional trug makers working in the UK - Dominic and fellow expert Pete Marden use traditional trug making techniques here at the Hermonceux Truggery in East Sussex.

Make a Gate Hurdle

by WoodlandsTV ~ 11 February, 2014 ~ 13 comments

Here Ian Barnett gives a tutorial on how to make a wooden gate hurdle from scratch. He shows us the traditional tools and techniques of the craft at his workshop in Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre, West Sussex.
An Adliberate film http://www.adliberate.co.uk for WoodlandsTV http://www.woodlands.co.uk/tv

Make a Rake

by WoodlandsTV ~ 29 January, 2014 ~ 9 comments

Ian Barnett clearly demonstrates the craft of making a wooden rake from ash wood, skilfully using traditional tools and techniques in his workshop at Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre, West Sussex.

Making a Bentwood Chair

by WoodlandsTV ~ 6 January, 2014 ~ 8 comments

Here at Wilderness Wood, East Sussex, expert weaver Dominic Parrette teaches a group the craft of making bentwood chairs from coppiced willow. He shows us the materials, tools and techniques needed to bend and fix the wood to produce grand armchairs.

How to dye with natural dye

by WoodlandsTV ~ 28 December, 2010 ~ 4 comments

http://www.woodlands.co.uk Natural dye, how to dye. Dyeing with natural dyes. The madder plant (Rubia tinctoria) is a useful root for dyeing, producing a deep red colour. The roots are brown but after soaking and simmering become dark red and the shades of colour can then softened using modifiers such as wood ash water. In a woodland setting, Jennie James from the East Sussex Archaeology and Museums Partnership (ESAMP) shows what these plants look like and discusses how to use them, along with the use of iron pyrites. She also looks at the importance of temperature in dyeing. The last of our three programmes on dyeing in woodlands using plants and barks, such as woad, weld, and alder buckthorn.

Making a Trug

by WoodlandsTV ~ 27 December, 2009 ~ 12 comments

How the South Down modern trug is made. The Cuckmere Trug Company also make the famous Royal Sussex Traditional Trug from sweet chestnut and cricket bat willow, as well as many other types of trug. woodlands.co.uk

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