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Northern England


You are welcome to visit our woodlands or meadows with our sales details. For more information and all enquiries contact the local manager named in the sales details.
Northern England is managed by Dan Watson:

All woodlands are sold at a fixed price, and include free membership of the Small Woodland Owners Group and the Royal Forestry Society, as well as £300 towards paying for a course (or courses) to help with managing and enjoying your woodland. Conservation of woodland is very important to us and none of the woodlands we have would be suitable for residential development.

Two Barrows Wood, Yorkshire - Over 11.5 acres, £79,000

Two Barrows Wood

Troutsdale, Snainton, near Scarborough, Yorkshire

Peaceful wood in a hidden dale with its own scheduled ancient monuments. Close to Dalby Forest in the North York Moors National Park.

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Ouse Wood, North Yorkshire - Over 3 ½ acres, £35,000

Ouse Wood

Escrick, near York, North Yorkshire

A peaceful hazel coppice woodland, over-stood with pine trees and rich in wildlife, near York.

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Fleet Wood, Yorkshire - Over 3 ¼ acres, £29,000

Fleet Wood

Escrick, near York, Yorkshire

A beautiful and tranquil wood with a flourishing mix of tall, aromatic, pines and broadleaf trees, with diverse bird and wildlife, within 30 minutes of York.

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Park Wood, North Yorkshire - Over 4 ½ acres, £39,000

Park Wood

Escrick, near York, North Yorkshire

A peaceful deciduous wood of mature oak and pine with established planting of younger oaks and regenerating birch, near York and Selby.

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Marl Wood, Lancashire - Just over 3 ¾ acres, £42,500

Marl Wood

Bashall Eaves, Near Clitheroe, Lancashire

Secluded woodland located in the Forest of Bowland with larger spruce trees and young hardwoods.

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Sigurd Wood, Cleveland - Nearly 4 ¼ acres, £39,000

Sigurd Wood

Loftus, Saltburn by Sea, Cleveland

Light and airy birch wood, located close to the picturesque Yorkshire coastal settlements of Staithes and Saltburn with resident owls.

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Ash Ridge Wood, North Yorkshire - Over 5 ½ acres, £49,000

Ash Ridge Wood

Escrick, near York, North Yorkshire

Just south of York, an oak wood, with pools and a secret dell, in a picturesque rural setting.

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Hoppet Wood, East Yorkshire - Nearly 3 ¾ acres, £39,000

Hoppet Wood

Sutton on Derwent, Near York, East Yorkshire

A tranquil wood of birch, pine and oak trees, not far from York

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Margaretfield Wood, North Yorkshire - Over 6½ acres, £65,000

Margaretfield Wood

Kiplin, Between Richmond and Northallerton, North Yorkshire

Mature mixed woodland with well-spaced trees, road frontage and excellent access.

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Hagghill Wood, Yorkshire - Almost 5 acres, £50,000

Hagghill Wood

Oughtibridge, near Sheffield, Yorkshire

An oak and birch woodland situated conveniently close to Sheffield and the Peak District, with rocky outcrops around level areas with lots of potential for woodland adventure.

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Micklow Wood, Cleveland - Nearly 5 ½ acres., £45,000

Micklow Wood

Near Staiths,, Saltburn by Sea, Cleveland

On 'Yorkshire's Dinosaur Coast', a very attractive pine, larch and birch wood with maturing timber.

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Newstead Wood, North Yorkshire - About 4 acres, £51,500

Newstead Wood

Ellingstring, near Masham, North Yorkshire

Quiet woodland with good access close to Masham with secluded areas and plenty of wildlife.

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Saggar Wood, Yorkshire - About 6¾ acres, £57,000

Saggar Wood

Oughtibridge, Near Sheffield, Yorkshire

A delightful semi-natural, rare ancient oak and birch woodland close to the Peak District and within easy reach of Sheffield.

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Stell Wood, North Yorkshire - Over 6½ acres, £65,000

Stell Wood

Kiplin, near Catterick and Richmond, North Yorkshire

A gem - tall trees on level ground, private with good internal tracks and a small pond.

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Thack Wood, East Yorkshire - Nearly 4 ½ acres, £45,000

Thack Wood

Sutton on Derwent, near York, East Yorkshire

Peaceful woods, near the River Derwent with mature birch and young hardwoods.

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Ald Wood, North Yorkshire - About 4 ½ acres, £42,000

Ald Wood

Brafferton, Near Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire

Large pines, young birch and lots of sunlight encourage a rich diversity of wildlife

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Delph Wood, Yorkshire - About 4 ¼ acres, £45,000

Delph Wood

Oughtibridge, Sheffield, Yorkshire

A light and airy oak and birch woodland, in the upper Don Valley near Outibridge

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Hob Wood, Derbyshire - About 5 ½ acres, £45,000

Hob Wood

Walton, Near Chesterfield, Derbyshire

A varied woodland on a gentle slope with mature oak and pine and ancient coppice.

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Ellen Wood, North Yorkshire - About 5 acres, £45,000

Ellen Wood

Brafferton, Near Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire

Secluded Pine Woodland with a wild and far away feel.

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Herdlow Pasture, Staffordshire - About 5 ½ acres, £55,000

Herdlow Pasture

Meerbrook, Leek, Staffordshire

Fertile pasture land in good heart, suitable for equestrian use. Surrounded by woods and fields and in a beautiful and secluded location close to Leek.

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Harrop Moor, The Peak District. - Almost 5½ acres, £25,000

Harrop Moor

Close to the Cat and Fiddle, between Macclesfield and Buxton, The Peak District.

Amazingly beautiful open moorland within the Peak District National Park close to the Cat and Fiddle (a well known Public House and Landmark).

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Yaff Wood - SOLD, Derbyshire - About 5 ½ acres, £39,000

Yaff Wood - SOLD

Walton, Near Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Interesting and vigorous mixed woodland - in the spring there are carpets of bluebells and wood anemones.

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Hollygate Wood - SOLD, Nottinghamshire - Nearly 3 ¾ acres, £39,000

Hollygate Wood - SOLD

Clipston on the Wolds, Near Cotgrave, Nottinghamshire

A quiet yet accessible wood, near the Nottinghamshire Wolds of easily manageable size with pines, hardwoods and abundant wildlife.

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Ridding Wood - SOLD, Yorkshire - Nearly 3 ½ acres, £29,000

Ridding Wood - SOLD

Escrick, near York, Yorkshire

A very attractive mixed leaf wood, lots of oak and pine and much wildlife.

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Hunsley Wood - SOLD, East Yorkshire - 6 acres, £54,000

Hunsley Wood - SOLD

Brantingham Dale, Brantingham, East Yorkshire

Situated in very attractive countryside on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds and close to the picturesque village of Brantingham.

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Bell Hall Wood - SOLD, Yorkshire - Nearly 3 ½ acres, £29,000

Bell Hall Wood - SOLD

Escrick, near York, Yorkshire

A delightful oak and bluebell woodland with some maturing pine, south of York.

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Thirlbeck Wood - SOLD, Nottinghamshire - Over 4 acres, £39,000

Thirlbeck Wood - SOLD

Clipston on the Wolds, Near Cotgrave, Nottinghamshire

A wood of tall mature pines and oaks and a flourishing mix of young deciduous trees, with views over rolling Midlands countryside.

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Birkhill Wood - SOLD, North Yorkshire - Over 4 ¼ acres, £45,000

Birkhill Wood - SOLD

Escrick, near York, North Yorkshire

Replanted ancient woodland with valuable timber of maturing pine and oak with extensive coppice for wildlife throughout.

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Dunston Wood - SOLD, North Yorkshire - About 2 ¼ acres, £29,000

Dunston Wood - SOLD

Ellingstring, Near Masham, North Yorkshire

A tranquil woodland in the Yorkshire Dales, with a far away feel, diversity and fabulous views, in the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

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Rabbit Wood - SOLD, Lancashire - Almost 4½ acres, £55,000

Rabbit Wood - SOLD

Bashall Eaves, Clitheroe, Lancashire

Sitting in a secluded location which lends itself to quiet enjoyment, this is a great place to get away from the bustle of everyday life and revive your senses.

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Deira Wood - SOLD, Derbyshire - 6 ¾ acres, £45,000

Deira Wood - SOLD

Walton, Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Pine and oak woodland with an abundance of younger trees and a small stream.

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Halfpenny Wood - SOLD, Yorkshire - Over 3 ¼ acres, £35,000

Halfpenny Wood - SOLD

Sutton on Derwent, near York, Yorkshire

Close to York. A tranquil wood with an amazing tree-house.

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Oakhill Wood - SOLD, Nottinghamshire - Over 2 ½ acres, £29,000

Oakhill Wood - SOLD

Clipston on the Wolds, near Cotgrave, Nottinghamshire

A manageable and productive woodland, predominantly of oak and ash, with some mature pine.

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Buckholme Wood Blackhill - SOLD, Lancashire - Over 4 acres, £55,000

Buckholme Wood Blackhill - SOLD

Bashall Eaves, Near Clitheroe, Lancashire

Mixed woodland with a picturesque brook; a great opportunity for the prospective owner with an interest in nature conservation.

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Langholme Wood - SOLD, Lancashire - Nearly 4 acres, £49,000

Langholme Wood - SOLD

Bashall Eaves, Near Clitheroe, Lancashire

A wonderful and delightfully varied woodland with open areas, mixed coniferous and native broadleaf trees with access to a pretty stream.

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Bull Wood - SOLD, Yorkshire - Nearly 5 acres, £49,000

Bull Wood - SOLD

Sutton on Derwent, Near York, Yorkshire

A varied wood with mature pines, young birch and mixed native broadleaf trees, situated close to the River Derwent.

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Vimy Wood - SOLD, Nottinghamshire - Nearly 5 acres, £49,000

Vimy Wood - SOLD

Cotgrave, Near Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

An especially diverse woodland of mixed broadleaves, south- facing, with some wild flower meadowland.

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Moley Wood - SOLD, Yorkshire - Over 4 acres, £39,000

Moley Wood - SOLD

Sutton on Derwent, Near York, Yorkshire

A beautiful wood of predominantly pine and birch, close to the River Derwent near York.

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