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Woodlands.co.uk is very pleased to be able to make back-issues of Living Woods Magazine available for PDF download.

If you'd like to receive a paper copy, visit the Living Woods subscription page.

Issue 43: Spring 2017

The Building Issue, including Woodland Shelter (hutting), One Planet Scheme, Planning Law, DART, Hedgelaying, WAWA canoe making and more. Download here:

Issue 42: Winter 2016

Including Britain's Ancient Woodlands, Six things to do in the woodlands with children, Scottish woodlands, saws, and Woodland gifts. Download here:


Issue 41: Autumn 2016

Education issue, including Brookhouse Wood, Forest School, Autism and Nature, Wilderness Wood, A Year of Wild Food, and more. Download here:


Issue 40: Summer 2016

Including Road Kill Cuisine, Horse Logging, parenting in woodlands, coppicing with traditional tools and more. Download here:


Issue 39: Spring 2016

Including Lars Mytting, Tortworth Arboretum, moduLog, Bec Cork’s volunteer programme, Why You Should Give Your Child an Axe, and more. Download here:


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