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Turbo Saw Mill – making an oak gate post

by mikepepler ~ 17 January, 2015 ~ 2 comments

Richard Hare and Mike Pepler are using a Turbo saw mill to create an oak gatepost for use in a woodland.  Although this cutting is being done indoors it could be done in a woodland where the oak tree was felled

Finding Hedgehog Mushrooms in the Woodlands

by WoodlandsTV ~ 15 January, 2015 ~ 3 comments

Fraser Simpson continues his wild mushroom foraging. This month he introduces us to the highly desirable Hedgehog Mushrooms… A Claudia Nye Film for Web commissioned by Woodland TV.

Ancient Woodland Indicators

by WoodlandsTV ~ 29 December, 2014 ~ 3 comments

Naturalist expert, John Rhyder, walks through a Sussex wood, stopping to identify the plants, trees and physical features of an ancient woodland. John explains how even the surrounding area…

Mushrooms growing on Trees

by WoodlandsTV ~ 15 December, 2014 ~ 6 comments

While Fraser Simpson introduces us to some amazing mushrooms, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer peeks in through the Woodland… Fraser is currently developing a catering and/or supply business…

Making Cordage from Nettles

by WoodlandsTV ~ 8 December, 2014 ~ 6 comments

Naturalist John Rhyder shows us the techniques to make cordage using nettles – from the initial preparation of the plant fibres through to the `twist and clamp` process ensuring the nettle…

Installing a Stile

by WoodlandsTV ~ 24 November, 2014 ~ one comment

Here we see a team of volunteers from the `Monday Group` working hard to preserve public rights of way across Sussex by installing a stile that has been specifically made by Jim Edwards. Jim…

Wild Mushroom Foraging in the Woodlands – Russula Series

by WoodlandsTV ~ 15 November, 2014 ~ 3 comments

Foraging for the best of ingredients. Fraser is currently developing a catering and/or supply business which is primarily vegetarian, with meat dishes that can be served on the side. www.alittle…

How To String a Bow

by WoodlandsTV ~ 29 October, 2014 ~ one comment

John Rhyder, expert naturalist, shows us how to prepare a traditional bow using artificial fibre to make the string. He talks us through the techniques to produce a string that is strong but…

Identifying Poisonous mushrooms in the woodlands

by WoodlandsTV ~ 16 October, 2014 ~ 9 comments

Forager Fraser Simpson explains the way to identify the ammonite mushrooms – namely the most deadly series in the UK A Claudia Nye Film for Web Music David Munoz A Woodlands TV commission.

Traditional Bows

by WoodlandsTV ~ 3 October, 2014 ~ 12 comments

Here naturalist John Rhyder tells us about the thinking processes behind the design of longbows and flatbows used by different cultures and communities throughout history. John also shows…

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