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Stone Age Hunter Gatherers

by WoodlandsTV ~ 22 May, 2017 ~ 3 comments

Here historical expert Martin Patterson shares his vast knowledge of the Stone Age Hunter Gatherer period. His passion and skill is obvious as he shows us a range of replica tools and equipment he has fashioned from natural materials including a flint-headed axe, a scythe from deer antler, a fire-hardened digging stick and a range of spears for hunting – explaining how these would have been used and maintained in the Stone Age. Martin shows us needles from bone; how pine resin, soot and bees wax can make a sort of glue and how stinging nettle fibre would have been used like string to make trapping nets. He stresses the importance of looking after the natural environment – then and now – to encourage new growth and to ensure a regular harvest. http://www.handsonhistory.co.uk/. An Adliberate film http://www.adliberate.co.uk for WoodlandsTV http://www.woodlands.co.uk/tv

Preparing Roadkill Pigeon to eat in the Woodlands

by WoodlandsTV ~ 15 May, 2015 ~ 38 comments

Artist and Wild Food Forager, Alison Brierley – aka – Tribal Ali, prepares the pigeon she finds at the side of the road for eating.

For more info on her work visit

A Claudia Nye Film for Web commissioned by Woodlands TV

Urban Forestry

by WoodlandsTV ~ 24 April, 2015 ~ 6 comments

An Adliberate film http://www.adliberate.co.uk for WoodlandsTV http://www.woodlands.co.uk/tv
Here we see cabinet-makers Jeff Segal, Paul Shrubshall and Andrew Marsh as they work together to mill a giant beech tree using an Alaskan chainsaw. The 200-year old tree was rotten with disease and therefore unsafe to leave growing within a residential environment. Keen conservationists, they like to use recycled timber in their work and hope to find `Spalted Beech` to incorporate within their designs.


Identifying Edible Roadkill by the Woodlands

by WoodlandsTV ~ 15 April, 2015 ~ 40 comments

Artist and Wild Food Forager, Alison Brierley – aka – Tribal Ali, explains the steps to take to identify whether dead animals found by the side of the road are edible.

For more info on her work visit

A Claudia Nye Film for Web commissioned by Woodlands TV

Axe Safety

by WoodlandsTV ~ 1 April, 2015 ~ 10 comments

Naturalist John Rhyder has learned through direct experience how best to handle axes safely when preparing firewood. Here he demonstrates the stances, swing actions and range of cuts that can be made to ensure personal safety when splitting wood with an axe.

Cooking with Wild Mushrooms from the Woodlands

by WoodlandsTV ~ 14 March, 2015 ~ 3 comments

Last in the series, Fraser Simpson completes his foraging season by cooking with the edible wild mushrooms he’s picked.

To see more episodes on this series, find these titles on Woodlands TV:

1) Identifying Poisonous Mushrooms in the Woodlands
2) Finding Hedgehog Mushrooms in the Woodlands
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4) Wild Mushroom Foraging in the Woodlands – Russula Series
5) Foraging Boletus Mushrooms in the Woodlands

Fraser is currently developing a catering business which is primarily vegetarian, with meat dishes that can be served on the side.
For more info please visit www.alittlebitontheside.co.uk

Axe Types

by WoodlandsTV ~ 9 March, 2015 ~ 13 comments

The axe is an iconic bushcraft tool and here naturalist John Rhyder talks us through the various axe designs, their specific uses and how best to preserve sharp, working blades for harvesting, splitting and carving wood.

Making a Woodland Track

by WoodlandsTV ~ 24 February, 2015 ~ 6 comments

Here we see experienced forest workers and contractors Keith Seymour and Matthew Pepper as they make a woodland track using a range of building materials and construction vehicles. Weather-dependent work – their skills are clear as they ensure the track will provide long-lasting access through the woods.

Foraging Boletus Mushrooms in the Woodlands

by WoodlandsTV ~ 13 February, 2015 ~ 4 comments

Fraser Simpson continues his foraging for gourmet mushrooms. This month, he explores the Boletus Series – Funghi Porcini – and finds true love on one of them …

A Claudia Nye Film for Web commissioned by Woodland TV

Additional photography by Vyacheslav Mishchenko www.vmishchenko.com

Turbo Saw Mill – making an oak gate post

by mikepepler ~ 17 January, 2015 ~ 7 comments

Richard Hare and Mike Pepler are using a Turbo saw mill to create an oak gatepost for use in a woodland.  Although this cutting is being done indoors it could be done in a woodland where the oak tree was felled

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