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How to eat wild food safely in the woodlands

by WoodlandsTV ~ 22 April, 2014 ~ comments welcome

Paul Beadle goes through 5 steps to ensure you can eat wild food safely. For more info please visit www.cdwes.co.uk A Claudia Nye film for web www.facebook.com/filmsforweb commissioned…

How to Control Japanese Knotweed

by WoodlandsTV ~ 7 April, 2014 ~ comments welcome

With an academic background in biology, environmental forestry and eco-physiology, Dr Paul Beckett shares his expertise in Japanese Knotweed – its life-cycle…

How to Dowse for Water

by WoodlandsTV ~ 24 March, 2014 ~ 2 comments

With an academic background in physics and a range of expertise in hydrology, geology and mechanical engineering, Guy Hudson talks about his work as a profes…

The origin of Woodlands For Sale

by WoodlandsTV ~ 15 March, 2014 ~ 4 comments

Alastair and Margaret Hanton explain how Woodlands.co.uk began…

Woodchip Boiler

by WoodlandsTV ~ 11 March, 2014 ~ 3 comments

Here Clive Jones tells us about the processes of the chip wood fired boiler system his family use with great success on their land at Moonfleet Farm in Dorse…

Making Willow Baskets

by WoodlandsTV ~ 3 March, 2014 ~ 7 comments

Expert basket maker Jackie Sweet shares her passion for this craft whilst weaving a small basket with two different colours of willow here at Special Branch …

How to Make Trugs

by WoodlandsTV ~ 22 February, 2014 ~ 5 comments

Dominic Parrette deftly demonstrates how to make trugs using sweet chestnut and white willow. There are only a handful of professional trug makers working in…

Shakespeare in the Woodlands

by WoodlandsTV ~ 15 February, 2014 ~ 2 comments

Inter generational community based Theatre Group “The King’s Troupe” rehearse in the Woodlands for the Shakespeare Outdoor Festival in Stratford upon Avon. M…

Make a Gate Hurdle

by WoodlandsTV ~ 11 February, 2014 ~ 3 comments

Here Ian Barnett gives a tutorial on how to make a wooden gate hurdle from scratch. He shows us the traditional tools and techniques of the craft at his work…

Carved Wooden Games

by WoodlandsTV ~ 4 February, 2014 ~ 2 comments

Sculptor Johnny Woodford shows us the traditional outdoor wooden games he has carved himself on his private woodland using a chainsaw. He explains the proces…

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