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Butchering and cooking a squirrel

by WoodlandsTV ~ 16 March, 2012 ~ 26 comments

www.woodlands.co.uk Bushcrafter Sean Collins completes his preparation of the squirrel, He shows which sections of the squirrel produce most meat. He then stews some of the meat and pan fries the rest.

Gutting a squirrel

by WoodlandsTV ~ 31 January, 2012 ~ 42 comments

www.woodlands.co.uk How to gut a squirrel. Gutting a squirrel by Sean Collins. Firstly Sean pinches the skin on the belly of the squirrel to make an incision. He then cuts back towards the reproductive organs and removes the testicles . Sean also discusses how to examine the internal organs for signs of disease or ill health in the animal. After checking the liver and kidneys he removes the digestive tract, followed by the heart and lungs, and removal of the head. Finally he discusses hyqiene prior to cooking.

Skinning a squirrel

by WoodlandsTV ~ 29 December, 2011 ~ 21 comments

www.woodlands.co.uk Skinning a squirrel with tips on knives to use, hygiene, and preventing damage to the internal organs. Survival expert Sean Collins prepares a squirrel for cooking.

Eating squirrels

by WoodlandsTV ~ 29 December, 2011 ~ 65 comments

www.woodlands.co.uk Our 100th film! Before skinning and cooking it, Sean Collins describes the destructive nature of the grey squirrel and it's effect on the native red squirrel. He also describes their effect on tree bark. In the next film he goes about skinning the squirrel

How to cook wood lice -bushcraft skills

by WoodlandsTV ~ 15 December, 2011 ~ 99 comments

www.woodlands.co.uk Want to eat wood lice? How to cook wood lice. The humble wood louse is a useful source of protein in bushcraft survival skills. Sean Collins shows how to cook woodlice, and shares them with the WoodlandsTV team. In case you're wondering they taste a bit like prawns

Working Horses

by WoodlandsTV ~ 4 December, 2009 ~ 19 comments

Another of our popular films in High Quality. See Ardennes horses working with logs. Glorious shots of these magnificent animals, with plenty of information from the Working Horse Trust

Horse Logging

by WoodlandsTV ~ 16 November, 2008 ~ 10 comments

Jo Ambrose introduces us to the world of Horse Logging in this video.

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