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South East England

Affiliated to
Sussex Wildlife Trusts

You are welcome to visit our woodlands or meadows with our sales details. For more information and all enquiries contact the local manager named in the sales details.
South East England is managed by Simon Feltham:

All woodlands are sold at a fixed price, and include free membership of the Small Woods Association and the Royal Forestry Society, as well as £300 towards paying for a course (or courses) to help with managing and enjoying your woodland. Conservation of woodland is very important to us and none of the woodlands we have would be suitable for residential development.

Trencher Wood, Kent - 4 ½ acres, £39,000

Trencher Wood

Biddenden, Kent

A remote but accessible broadleaf wood, with coppice potential, and with great field views.

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Channel Wood, Kent - 6 ½ acres, £55,000

Channel Wood

Biddenden, Kent

A truly mixed wood with oaks,hornbeam, chestnut coppice and some magnificent Corsican pine.

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Feather Wood, East Sussex - 10 ½ acres, £85,000

Feather Wood

near Tunbridge Wells, East Sussex

A fine example of a wood where Scots pine and birch blend together so well, very accessible, yet not with any roadside boundary.

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Steam Wood, East Sussex - 4½ acres, £35,000

Steam Wood

Boarshead, near Crowborough, East Sussex

A wood with a good mix of mature pine with young Scots pine, chestnut and birch, set in the High Weald of Sussex

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Fletching Wood, East Sussex - 5 ½ acres, £45,000

Fletching Wood

near Tunbridge Wells, East Sussex

A spacious wood, yet of manageable size with Scots pine and a birch glade.

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Broad Ash Wood, Kent - About 7 acres, £53,500

Broad Ash Wood

Chattenden, near Rochester, Kent

Less than thirty miles from central London, with maturing oak and ash trees and an understorey of hazel and ash coppice.

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Vane Wood, East Sussex - 5 acres, £39,000

Vane Wood

near Tunbridge Wells, East Sussex

A wood of a manageable size with lots of birch, some Scots pine, and with its own direct roadside access.

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Shackle Wood, Kent - 8 ¼ acres, £79,000

Shackle Wood

Pluckley, Kent

A good size wood with many oaks and other broadleaf trees, and nearby train station access.

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Outer Saunders Wood, Kent - 7 ½ acres, £65,000

Outer Saunders Wood

Camden Hill, near Sissinghurst, Kent

A rather curiuosly shaped wood, with lots of chestnut coppice overlooking farmland on three sides.

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Pass Wood, East Sussex - 8 ¾ acres, £65,000

Pass Wood

Boars Head, Near Crowborough, East Sussex

A High Weald wood of mainly pine and birch, great for picnics and camping.

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Far Ash Wood, Kent - 7 ¾ acres, £55,000

Far Ash Wood

Chattenden, Near Rochester, Kent

A hazel, chestnut and ash coppice woodland, in an area forming part of the Hoo Peninsula and particularly noted for its breeding birds.

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Grist Wood - SOLD, East Sussex - 9 acres, £78,000

Grist Wood - SOLD

Peasmarsh, nr Rye, East Sussex

A classic oak wood with chestnut and hazel coppice, and many wildflowers emerging in the quite recently coppiced areas.

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Longbow Wood - SOLD, East Sussex - 5 ½ acres, £45,000

Longbow Wood - SOLD

near Tunbridge Wells, East Sussex

A very accessible wood with birch and maple glades and a high pine canopy.

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Wright Wood - SOLD, East Sussex - 9 acres, £79,000

Wright Wood - SOLD

near Ponts green, East Sussex

Lots of hornbeam, Scots pine and some chestnut, with a stream boundary in an Ancient Woodland.

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Tiller Wood - SOLD, West Sussex - 6 ½ acres, £75,000

Tiller Wood - SOLD

near Arundel, West Sussex

A quiet wood in Sussex, with great views across farmland and a good mix of trees.

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Broad Bow Wood - SOLD, East Sussex - 8 acres, £65,000

Broad Bow Wood - SOLD

near Tunbridge Wells, East Sussex

A spacious wood with a large clearing in a forest setting, yet close to Tunbridge Wells.

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Gantry Wood - SOLD, East Sussex - 6 ½ acres, £53,500

Gantry Wood - SOLD

Boarshead, Near Crowborough, East Sussex

Gantry wood is a wood with hidden surprises. At first sight it is entirely strong young Scots and Corsican pine, but go a little further, and you will see much more.

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Well Wood - SOLD, Kent - 9 acres, £77,000

Well Wood - SOLD

Cobham, Kent

A secluded, gently sloping wood, with mostly oak, sycamore, Scots pine and a very old yew tree.

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Sheave Wood - SOLD, Kent - 6 ¾ acres, £65,000

Sheave Wood - SOLD

Pluckley, near Ashford, Kent

A delightfully varied wood with a large grassy clearing.

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Rake Wood - SOLD, East Sussex - 5 ½ acres, £49,000

Rake Wood - SOLD

near Woods Corner, East Sussex

A very quiet wood, well off the beaten track, with hornbeam, oak and Scots pine.

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Port Wood - SOLD, West Sussex - 7 acres, £69,000

Port Wood - SOLD

near Arundel, West Sussex

Another easily accessed, level and very private piece of Ancient Woodland in West Sussex. Amongst the hazel coppice with mature oaks towering overhead, there are holly, birch, chestnut and sycamore trees, really very special.

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Tack Wood - SOLD, West Sussex - 4 ¾ acres, £45,000

Tack Wood - SOLD

Arundel, West Sussex

A quiet coniferous woodland, within 5 miles of the south coast.

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Colony Wood - SOLD, Kent - 7 acres, £75,000

Colony Wood - SOLD

near Sissinghurst, Kent

A very private wood, by a stream with many young oaks together with hazel, chestnut, and birch coppice.

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Algonquin Wood - SOLD, West Sussex - 11 acres, £110,000

Algonquin Wood - SOLD

near Petworth, West Sussex

A classic beech woodland , mostly fenced, with a great display of bluebells in spring.

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Pod Wood - SOLD, Kent - 5 ¾ acres, £59,000

Pod Wood - SOLD

near Sissinghurst, Kent
Pod Wood- a very private woodland, with a stream running through part of it, and a rich variety of trees and wild flowers
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Herring Wood - SOLD, Kent - 11 acres, £65,000

Herring Wood - SOLD

Dunkirk, near Canterbury, Kent

Set deep in the forest yet very accessible, this is an ancient wood, with tall oaks and flourishing understorey.

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Egerton Wood - SOLD, Kent - 10 acres, £73,000

Egerton Wood - SOLD

near Pluckley, Kent

A substantial wood, set in a quiet location, with a vigorous stream.

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Stay Wood - SOLD, West Sussex - 6 ¾ acres, £75,000

Stay Wood - SOLD

Near Arundel, West Sussex

A mainly hazel wood, of manageable size, quite near to Arundel and the sea.

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White Wood - SOLD, East Sussex - About 6 ½ acres, £50,000

White Wood - SOLD

Netherfield, near Battle, East Sussex

A very secluded and private wood, with some fine old oaks in the Weald.

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Brace Wood - SOLD, Kent - 7 ½ , £65,000

Brace Wood - SOLD

near Sissinghurst, Kent

A wood wih a stream, lots of young oaks, and older pines overlooking two meadows.

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Broadhead Wood - SOLD, East Sussex - 5 acres, £39,000

Broadhead Wood - SOLD

near Tunbridge Wells, East Sussex

A very accessible wood of a manageable size, fenced on two sides, with mainly pine, oak, rowan and birch.

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Pack Wood - SOLD, Kent - 5 acres, £45,000

Pack Wood - SOLD

near Sissinghurst, Kent

A good mixed wood with chestnut, oak,birch and Scots pine plus excellent vehicle access.

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Flight Wood - SOLD, Kent - 6 ½ acres, £65,000

Flight Wood - SOLD

near Sissinghurst, Kent

With stately Scots pine, red oak, birch and hazel coppice, boundaried by a vigorous stream, and set in the quiet countryside, this is a very desirable wood.

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Broad Arrow Wood - SOLD, Kent - 6 ½ acres, £49,000

Broad Arrow Wood - SOLD

near Tunbridge Wells, Kent

A fine Scots pine wood quite close to the old Spa town of Tunbridge Wells.

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