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South East England

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Sussex Wildlife Trusts

You are welcome to visit our woodlands or meadows with our sales details. For more information and all enquiries contact the local manager named in the sales details.
South East England is managed by Ruth and James Feltham:

All woodlands are sold at a fixed price, and include free membership of the Small Woodland Owners Group and the Royal Forestry Society, as well as £300 towards paying for a course (or courses) to help with managing and enjoying your woodland. Conservation of woodland is very important to us and none of the woodlands we have would be suitable for residential development.

Troop Wood, Kent - 7 ¾ acres, £65,000

Troop Wood

near Sissinghurst, Kent

A wood of two quite different areas; one being chestnut coppice and birch, the other is Scots pine with bluebells and bracken on the forest floor.

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Sledge Wood, Kent - 6 ½ acres, £65,000

Sledge Wood

near Sissinghurst, Kent

A very manageable, secluded, and peaceful broadleaf wood overlooking a meadow.

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Shackle Wood, Kent - 8 ¼ acres, £75,000

Shackle Wood

Pluckley, Kent

A good size wood with many oaks and other broadleaf trees, and nearby train station access.

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Bridle Wood And Meadow, West Sussex - About 5⅓ acres, £65,000

Bridle Wood And Meadow

Worsted, East Grinstead, West Sussex

An enclosed old-field woodland and herb-rich meadow sheltered by mature oaks on field boundary hedgerows - a conservationist's delight.

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Pass Wood, East Sussex - 8 ¾ acres, £59,000

Pass Wood

Boar's Head, Near Crowborough, East Sussex

A High Weald wood of mainly pine and birch, great for picnics and camping.

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Bowyer Wood, East Sussex - 7 ¾ acres, £69,000

Bowyer Wood

near Tunbridge Wells, East Sussex

Bowyer wood is a substantial level wood, along a very quiet country lane, not far from Tunbridge Wells.

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Outer Saunders Wood, Kent - 7 ½ acres, £65,000

Outer Saunders Wood

Camden Hill, near Sissinghurst, Kent

A rather curiously shaped wood, with lots of chestnut coppice overlooking farmland on three sides.

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Cheyney Wood - SOLD, West Sussex - About 6 acres, £75,000

Cheyney Wood - SOLD

Tortington, near Arundel, West Sussex

Delightful, semi-natural ancient woodland with widespreading oaks over coppice which shelter woodland wildflowers at ground level.

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Host Wood - SOLD, Kent - 6.5 acres, £69,000

Host Wood - SOLD

Adisham, Canterbury, Kent

With three distinct areas within its boundary, Host Wood offers delightful array of broadleaf species at varying maturity.

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Pilot Wood - SOLD, West Sussex - 5 ¾ acres, £55,000

Pilot Wood - SOLD

Tortington, Arundel, West Sussex

Easy to access Pilot Wood is a manageable wood with a good mix of chestnut coppice, birch and oaks within 5 miles of the south coast.

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Curl Wood - SOLD, East Sussex - 6 acres, £59,000

Curl Wood - SOLD

near Tunbridge Wells, East Sussex

A fine example of a wood where Scots pine and birch blend well together - and a closer inspection will reveal a broader range of species.

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Crucible Wood - SOLD, Kent - 6 ¼ , £65,000

Crucible Wood - SOLD

nr. Sissinghurst, Kent

A unique wood surrounded on two sides by a stream overlooking meadows and containing a wide variety of broadleaf tree species.

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Kitcombe Copse - SOLD, Hampshire - About 6½ acres, £95,000

Kitcombe Copse - SOLD

Lower Farringdon, near Alton, Hampshire

Bluebells abound in spring, lifting the spirit after the drabness of winter in this well-thinned beech and conifer woodland.

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Weeks Wood - SOLD, Hants - About 4¾ acres, £69,000

Weeks Wood - SOLD

Lower Farringdon, Alton, Hants

Fantastic mixed woodland with ancient woodland wildflower species and hazel coppice indicating a valuable conservation habitat. Easy access off quiet lane.

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Jupp Wood - SOLD, West Sussex - About 6⅓ acres, £69,000

Jupp Wood - SOLD

Tortington, Arundel, West Sussex

A woodland of yew, hazel coppice with tall straight larch: nature conservation and timber in the same woodland. Ideal wood for family forestry.

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Flume Wood - SOLD, East Sussex - 4 ¾ acres, £55,000

Flume Wood - SOLD

near Bexhill, East Sussex

A very manageable wood, with a good mix of mature oaks, chestnut coppice, hornbeam, birch and a seasonal stream.

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Bride Wood - SOLD, West Sussex - 5 ¾ acres, £75,000

Bride Wood - SOLD

near Scaynes Hill, Haywards Heath, West Sussex

With a river creek running through, this mature and long-established wood provides a haven of tranquility, albeit with the distant sound of steam trains on the Bluebell Railway.

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Maypole Wood - SOLD, West Sussex - 8 acres, £95,000

Maypole Wood - SOLD

near Scaynes Hill, Haywards Heath, West Sussex

An intriguing broadleaf wood with an 18th century lock and canal on its boundary and the Bluebell Railway nearby..

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Draw Wood - SOLD, Kent - 6 acres, £69,000

Draw Wood - SOLD

near Sissinghurst, Kent

A very well secluded wood, overlooking meadows, and with a good mix of trees including several oaks.

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Helve Wood - SOLD, Kent - 5 ¼ acres, £55,000

Helve Wood - SOLD

near Sissinghurst, Kent

A chestnut and pine wood, set in a really quiet location, in the Kent High Weald.

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Apsley Wood - SOLD, Hampshire - Over 5 acres, £75,000

Apsley Wood - SOLD

Lower Farringdon, Alton, Hampshire

South facing and open set in a well-wooded landscape on a forest edge overlooking farmland.

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Rig Wood - SOLD, Kent - 9 ¼ acres, £79,000

Rig Wood - SOLD

Biddenden, Kent

With oaks, chestnut coppice and pines and two seasonal streams, Rig Wood is well worth a visit.

See full details >>

Wheel Wood - SOLD, East Sussex - 10 ½ acres, £75,000

Wheel Wood - SOLD

near Crowborough, East Sussex

Although a mainly pine wood in the High Weald, there is broadleaf here, and lots of potential to create more clearings for family forestry activities.

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Spoke Wood - SOLD, East Sussex - 7 acres, £79,000

Spoke Wood - SOLD

near Bexhill, East Sussex

A mixed broadleaf wood, with good vehicle access, just a few miles from the south coast.

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South Bond Wood - SOLD, East Sussex - 6 acres, £59,000

South Bond Wood - SOLD

near Tunbridge Wells, East Sussex

A wood, where the planted trees are tall Scots Pine, and its ancient nature is revealed by scatterings of birch, oak,yew,hazel rowan and holly.

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Finery Wood - SOLD, Kent - 6 ¾ acres, £69,000

Finery Wood - SOLD

near Sissinghurst, Kent

Well off the beaten track, a varied and tranquil wood of mainly birch and chestnut.

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Brocket Wood - SOLD, Kent - About 7 acres, £75,000

Brocket Wood - SOLD

Garlinge Green, Canterbury, Kent

A level, quiet chestnut and bluebell woodland. Secluded and adjoining lovely meadow and close to a footpath network running through hundreds of acres of Kent woodland.

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Leeves Wood - SOLD, West Sussex - About 4½ acres, £49,000

Leeves Wood - SOLD

Tortington, Arundel, West Sussex

Larch, chestnut and yew on level ground with hazel in the shrub layer, set in the South Downs National Park.

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