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What do woodland owners think about British Forestry?

What do woodland owners think about British Forestry?

by Angus ~ 16 March, 2018 ~ comments welcome

Gabriel Hemery of Sylva.org.uk is a researcher and entrepreneur in the British Woodlands sector.  He just announced the results of his British Woodlands Survey 2017 (BWS) where he asked hundreds of woodland owners how they see the future of their woods.  The survey covered 1.5 million acres of woodland - about a fifth of the UK wooded area and included forestry agents as well as 660 owners and looked at biodiversity, biosecurity, social attitudes and woodland creation.  The report is entitled, "Shaping the Future of Forestry".

Most striking was that the majority of owners and agents reported making a financial loss on their woodland over the last five years.  Read more...

Underwater driving and getting out of trouble.

Underwater driving and getting out of trouble.

by Angus ~ 9 March, 2018 ~ one comment

Our 4WD instructor, Paul, is a Falklands veteran as well as being a retired fireman. So he wasn’t phased by having to drive through one-metre deep puddles and reversing up very steep off-road slopes. For his off-road pupils, like me, it was a different story - we were discovering the limits of the Land Rover Explorer that we were driving around the Eastnor Castle estate at Ledbury in Herefordhsire. Most of the tracks on this 5,000 acre estate are through woodland with hundreds of yew trees, oaks and hazel coppice stools. It’s an SSSI (important scintifically) so you can’t drive off the tracks. The main woodland we used is actually called “Clenchers Wood” which is a very appropriate name considering how most drivers’ bottoms react to seeing the slopes they are about to drive down. Read more...

Scrabble blog : Part 2 letters I – Q by Bella and Stuart.

Scrabble blog : Part 2 letters I – Q by Bella and Stuart.

by Stuart ~ 3 March, 2018 ~ comments welcome

Some further woody related words to impress your scrabble playing friends with!


Iceni: A tribe of ancient Britons inhabiting an area of south-eastern England in present-day Norfolk and Suffolk. Their queen, Boudicca, led an unsuccessful rebellion against the Romans in AD 60. SCORE = 7

Igneous :  A type of rock, formed from solidified lava or magma. SCORE : 8

Ingle: A domestic fire or fireplace. SCORE: 6

Inglenook: A small recess that adjoins a fireplace. SCORE: 14 Read more...

Building a new 'woodland' teaching area.

Building a new ‘woodland’ teaching area.

by Craig Fordham ~ 2 March, 2018 ~ comments welcome

We’ve been lucky enough to have been residents in a beautiful 100 acre woodland in Ashford, Kent called March Woods for about a year now. My name is Craig Fordham and I run a company called Black Wolf Survival and I’ve been in the outdoor industry on and off for about 20 years mainly specialising in Bushcraft & Survival.  Aside from running sessions for schools, groups and individuals I am also a brand ambassador for Craghoppers clothing and write a few articles for various magazines.

Our basecamp teaching site at March Woods was functional and basic, we’d initially cleared a large enough area to erect a 32ft parachute as a main teaching area and a couple of other tarps we utilise for a kitchen area etc. Read more...

Elver stream

“The dream comes true – finding the perfect woodland”

by Kellie ~ 28 February, 2018 ~ comments welcome

We had talked about buying land for about 15 years and had been looking seriously for about 7 years. We had a fairly big wish list, private, quiet and secluded, not too near a road, but with good vehicular access, lots of broadleaf trees and some utility trees, a stream or two would be ideal, a sunny clearing with good night sky views and all within our very humble budget!   We looked at lots of  woodlands, but nothing ever really ticked all our boxes or felt right, so we just kept looking and wishing.

A new piece of woodland near us came up for sale so one Friday after work we excitedly went to have a look. Read more...

MIDDLE EARTH ... and our own woodland project

MIDDLE EARTH … and our own woodland project

by Jackie & David ~ 24 February, 2018 ~ 3 comments

As we sat outside The Middle Earth pub on Whitby’s harbour front, enjoying the early evening autumn sunshine, my wife looked at me and said “There’s something I want to talk to you about”. For a heart stopping moment my mind raced and I felt a mixture of emotions as I feared some dreadful news was coming my way. Instead, Jackie completely floored me by asking “How do feel you about us buying a wood?”   In the first instance I was speechless then apprehensive, confused and finally, elated!   Looking back, how I managed to hold onto my pint I’ll never know. Read more...

The Monthly Mushroom: Candlesnuff Fungus (Xylaria hypoxylon)

The Monthly Mushroom: Candlesnuff Fungus (Xylaria hypoxylon)

by Jasper ~ 20 February, 2018 ~ comments welcome

February isn’t, generally speaking, the most conducive time of year to go roaming the woods or immerse yourself in the great outdoors. With its cold rains, claggy mud, bare trees, muted colours and short daylight hours, it is a month marked by dormancy for many, although still one in which the early green shoots and nascent buds are at least appearing to signal some sort of an end to another grey and dreary English winter.

With the fleshier varieties of fungi, much of the dramatic flushes of just a few months ago have long died and rotted back into their substrates. However, there are a few more durable species that persist around the year, although generally ones that tend to be overlooked because they are so ubiquitous, inedible, and, at first glance at least, not particularly interesting. Read more...

Our very own dormice - and boosting the dormouse population  

Our very own dormice – and boosting the dormouse population  

by David Williams ~ 16 February, 2018 ~ one comment

It all started in the spring of 2013 when my wife, Julie, and I bought a wood in Somerset’s Blackdown Hills from woodlands.co.uk. We knew we wanted to manage the woodland for wildlife and one of our first aims was to put up some bird boxes which we did as soon as we moved in. Later that same year when looking for signs of bird-occupancy, such as pecking at the entrance, I was surprised to see a hazel dormouse in one of the bird boxes peering out at me, looking totally relaxed. Read more...

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