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West and South Wales and Herefordshire


You are welcome to visit our woodlands or meadows with our sales details. For more information and all enquiries contact the local manager named in the sales details.
West and South Wales and Herefordshire is managed by Tamsin and Matt Brown:

All woodlands are sold at a fixed price, and include free membership of the Small Woods Association and the Royal Forestry Society, as well as £300 towards paying for a course (or courses) to help with managing and enjoying your woodland. Conservation of woodland is very important to us and none of the woodlands we have would be suitable for residential development.

Coed Coesgoch - Redshank Wood, Glamorgan - Just over 7 acres, £59,000

Coed Coesgoch - Redshank Wood

Llanrhidian, Swansea, Glamorgan

Mature level woodland in the heart of the Gower. A mix of broadleaf and conifer, this woodland could become a gem of biodiversity and a peaceful retreat in a wonderful location.

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Bek Wood, Pembrokeshire - Over 6 acres, £39,000

Bek Wood

Llawhaden, Narberth, Pembrokeshire

Tucked away in the sylvan hills and valleys of Pembrokeshire, Bek Wood, a mixed woodland of conifer and native broadleaf is a tranquil retreat bordered by a burbling stream.

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Stoneyford Wood, Pembrokeshire - 5 acres, £29,000

Stoneyford Wood

Llawhaden, Narberth, Pembrokeshire

Set in stunning Pembrokeshire countryside, this is a mixed broadleaf and conifer woodland. The remains of an enclosure, part of an Iron Age settlement are to be found on the woodland's northern boundary.

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Woodhouse Wood, Herefordshire - 5½ acres, £65,000

Woodhouse Wood

Woodredding, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire

A mixed woodland of mature Douglas fir, oak and beech humming with birdlife and other wildlife. Mainly flat and undulating the woodland sits between the picturesque market towns of Ross on Wye and Ledbury.

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Coed Caer - Fortress Wood, Bridgend - 6 acres, £45,000

Coed Caer - Fortress Wood

Blackmill, Bridgend

With wonderful views across the countryside, Coed Caer is a tranquil woodland mainly made up of graceful mature conifers. Its widely spaced trees and grassy forest floor make it ideal for camping and other woodland activities and it is only a short distance from the famous beaches of the Mumbles.

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Coed Caradog, Bridgend - Over 6 acres, £39,000

Coed Caradog

Blackmill, Bridgend

A peaceful woodland of mature larch with wonderful views over open country and an extraordinary ancient history! Very good access and grassy swathes underfoot make this woodland both easy to get to and to enjoy.

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Wheatley Meadow, Worcestershire - Almost 5 acres, £55,000

Wheatley Meadow

Duckswich , Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire

An attractive flat meadow with direct access off a main road, situated near the town of Upton Upon Severn.

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Coed Glannant, Powys - 5½ acres, £29,000

Coed Glannant

Glanrhyd, Ystradgynlais, Powys

A broadleaf woodland situated on the outskirts of a small town. This woodland has interesting topography that includes large flat areas, deep ravines, steep rocky outcrops and frontage onto the River Tawe.

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Castle Vale Wood, Powys - Over 6 ½ acres, £35,000

Castle Vale Wood

Llanbister, Llandrindod Wells, Powys
A private wood set next to an ancient ruined castle, amidst glorious countryside. Excellent wildlife and potential for amenity use and woodland activities.
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Coed Dinas - Dinas Wood, Carmarthenshire - Over 6 acres, £35,000

Coed Dinas - Dinas Wood

Trelech, Carmarthenshire

A mixed woodland surrounded by woodland and fields, with long frontage onto a small river.

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Coed Y Moch - Pig Wood, Carmarthenshire - Over 5 acres , £29,000

Coed Y Moch - Pig Wood

Trelech, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire

A fantastic woodland with river frontage in the Carmarthenshire countryside.

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Coed Clynblewog, Carmarthenshire - 4½ acres, £29,000

Coed Clynblewog

Trelech, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire

A charming woodland with mixed broadleaves and spruce gently sloping down to a river

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Coed Lan, Carmarthenshire - Over 4¼ acres, £29,000

Coed Lan

Llansteffan, Carmarthenshire

Mixed deciduous and coniferous woodland overlooking the Twyi Estuary.

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Coed Twyi - Towy Wood, Carmarthenshire - Over 5¼ acres, £39,000

Coed Twyi - Towy Wood

Llansteffan, Carmarthenshire

Mixed deciduous and coniferous woodland with magnificent views over the Twyi Estuary.

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Allt Dderw - Oak Wood, Carmarthenshire - Over 9 acres, £49,000

Allt Dderw - Oak Wood

Llangadog, Llandovery, Carmarthenshire

Beautiful ancient Welsh woodland situated close to the Brecon Beacons.

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Coed Wern - Wern Wood, Wales - 17½ acres, £79,000

Coed Wern - Wern Wood

Near Llansteffan, Carmarthenshire, Wales

Coed Wern is a large, self contained, flat woodland with a great mix of habitats and tree species. A great wood for exploring.

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Gelli Hill Wood, Pembrokeshire - Nearly 4 ½ acres , £29,000

Gelli Hill Wood

Gelli, Clunderwen, Pembrokeshire

Sunny hilltop woodland in the beautiful Pembrokeshire countryside

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Coed Rhostir - Heath Wood, Ceredigion - Over 15 acres, £47,000

Coed Rhostir - Heath Wood

Bronant, near Aberystwyth, Ceredigion

A secluded flat area of naturally regenerating young woodland, making this an ideal conservation project.

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Coed Onnen - Ash Tree Wood, Swansea - 8 acres, £45,000

Coed Onnen - Ash Tree Wood

Parkmill, Swansea

Broadleaf hillside woodland with river frontage in the heart of the Gower Peninsular

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Maes-teg - Fair Meadow, Carmarthenshire - 7¼ acres, £59,000

Maes-teg - Fair Meadow

Llansteffan, Carmarthenshire

Beautiful meadow nestled on the edge of the Towy estuary

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Coed Rhaedr - Wood Of The Waterfall - SOLD, Carmarthenshire - Almost 7 acres, £49,000

Coed Rhaedr - Wood Of The Waterfall - SOLD

Cwmgwili, Cross Hands, Carmarthenshire

A magical wood with a beautiful area of ancient woodland, a rushing stream and a little waterfall.

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Coed Ceirios - Cherry Wood - SOLD, Carmarthenshire - 4½ acres, £35,000

Coed Ceirios - Cherry Wood - SOLD

Cwmgwili, Cross Hands, Carmarthenshire

Wonderful mix of young planted broadleaf woodland with wide open grassy paths and a river valley of ancient woodland with towering oak trees. Excellent access.

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Coed Nefal - SOLD, Powys - Over 5 acres , £29,000

Coed Nefal - SOLD

Newbridge on Wye, Llandrindod Wells, Powys

Secluded conifer woodland set in beautiful surroundings with amazing views over the Craig Chewfri Hills.

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Coed Hafen - SOLD, Powys - 7 acres, £35,000

Coed Hafen - SOLD

Newbridge on Wye, Llandrindod Wells, Powys

A secluded woodland overlooking the Craig Chwefri hills

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Didley Wood - SOLD, Herefordshire - Nearly 4 acres, £49,000

Didley Wood - SOLD

Callow, Herefordshire

Didley Wood is part of an ancient broadleaf woodland with wonderful veteran trees. It has excellent access, and is a woodland of great diversity, an oasis of wildlife.

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Coed Gloddfa - Quarry Wood - SOLD, Pembrokeshire - About 3½ acres, £25,000

Coed Gloddfa - Quarry Wood - SOLD

Gelli, Clunderwen, Pembrokeshire

A mixed wood with generous open flat areas, next to a woodland quarry.

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Coed Nant Cerrig - SOLD, Carmarthenshire - Over 4 acres, £35,000

Coed Nant Cerrig - SOLD

Cross Hands, Carmarthenshire

A little of corner of magical woodland. A rushing stream at the bottom of a small valley of ancient woodland with statuesque oaks and large flat areas of young woodland planted with many different species of native broadleaf trees. Excellent access.

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Coed Gwili - SOLD, Carmarthenshire - About 5¼ acres, £35,000

Coed Gwili - SOLD

Cross Hands, Carmarthenshire

The woodland with a bit of everything! Areas of open grassland, a young plantation of native broadleaf, an area of conifer, and a secret ancient woodland valley of mature oaks with a rocky stream.

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Coed Cwm Bach - Little Valley Wood - SOLD, Carmarthenshire - About 3½ acres, £25,000

Coed Cwm Bach - Little Valley Wood - SOLD

Cross Hands, Carmarthenshire

Half of Coed Cwm Bach is a young native broadleaf woodland with wide grassy paths and the other half is a secret valley of ancient woodland with a river running through it. Excellent access.

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West Lovelodge Wood - SOLD, Carmarthenshire - About 2¾ acres, £29,000

West Lovelodge Wood - SOLD

Ffairfach, near Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire

A self contained little woodland, a short distance from the ancient town of Llandeilo with an engaging view of the Tywi Valley.

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