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Mesolithic Cooking of Acorns, Sloes and Nettle Crisps

by WoodlandsTV ~ 12 March, 2011 ~ 9 comments

The final part of our films shot inside a reconstruction of a mesolithic hut. Ian and Cristine from ESAMP offer up such delicacies as acorn cakes, sloes, acorn kernels, and nettle crisps. Keen Woodlands TV watchers will notice the point at the end of the film where camera 1 ran out of tape. Fortunately camera 2 kept on filming as the nettle crisp sequence unfolded.

Cooking With Wild Food in a Mesolithic Hut

by WoodlandsTV ~ 14 February, 2011 ~ 5 comments

Inside a re-creation of a mesolithic hut based on archaeological evidence, a group of children are spellbound. The adults show them the way sour fruit such as crab apples can be sweetened by roasting over the fire, and what can be eaten straight from the tree. Everything is tasted and compared. Haws and their medicinal propertied are discussed as well as "bletting" and fruit from the wild service tree. This is the first of 3 films Woodlands TV shot inside the hut. The only available light came from the fire, the chimmney and the door. As more children crowded in the doorway the light was reduced, but we carried on shooting because of the fascinating information been passed on. Hardly anything has been edited either because of the relaxed, natural style. So whilst things are slow moving and reflective this repays watching. The picture may be better if watched in full screen which lifts the light a little - or you could just sit back and enjoy the knowledge and skill of Cristine and Ian from ESAMP. In the 2 programmes to come, they look at a wider range of foods such as sloes, acorn flour, fruit leather and nettle "crisps". A memorable, atmospheric experience not only for the audience but Woodlands TV too!

Making a rose arch from hazel rods

by WoodlandsTV ~ 4 February, 2011 ~ 27 comments

A rose arch made from hazel is always an attractive addition to any garden. Rosie Rendell discovered how to make one by going on a course at West Dean College, Chichester. WoodlandsTV talked to her whilst she was making one at the Weald Wood Fair in Sussex. Using a side adze to split the hazel ,and a mould with pre drilled holes Rosie discusses the points to look out for including a top tip to make your rose arch last longer. She is gaining more experience and skill working with Wildwood Charcoal and Coppice Products.

Making a Trug

by WoodlandsTV ~ 27 December, 2009 ~ 12 comments

How the South Down modern trug is made. The Cuckmere Trug Company also make the famous Royal Sussex Traditional Trug from sweet chestnut and cricket bat willow, as well as many other types of trug. woodlands.co.uk

Anglo Saxon dwelling

by WoodlandsTV ~ 18 December, 2009 ~ 112 comments

A reconstruction by the East Sussex Archaeology and Museums Partnership of an Anglo Saxon dwelling built over a pit. A style of building which could be copied and used in woods today.

Early Medieval timber work

by WoodlandsTV ~ 11 December, 2009 ~ 60 comments

A look at early medieval wood work techniques with evidence from documents, and archaeological finds. A team from the East Sussex Archaeology and Museums Partnership demonstrate their skillls in turning round logs into square timber.

Working Horses

by WoodlandsTV ~ 4 December, 2009 ~ 19 comments

Another of our popular films in High Quality. See Ardennes horses working with logs. Glorious shots of these magnificent animals, with plenty of information from the Working Horse Trust

Making Chestnut Paling

by WoodlandsTV ~ 20 October, 2009 ~ 13 comments

Sweet chestnut paling looks great and is good value. Aly May from sayitwithwood.co.uk shows how it's made with an ingenious piece of equipment.

Simple Soil Tests in your woodland

by WoodlandsTV ~ 19 April, 2009 ~ 55 comments

Many of us look at the trees and foliage in our woods and forget about the soil. Professor Julian Evans shows us what to look for, and how to do soil tests without any special equipment.

Building Shelters

by WoodlandsTV ~ 10 February, 2009 ~ 106 comments

Need a shelter in the woods? Ashley shows how to make them quickly, using whatever comes to hand. Another in the Survival series from WoodlandsTV and Dulwich Studios

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