How to Thatch a Roof

By woodlandstv

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Dickie Wright, from RJ Wright and Son, Master Family Thatchers, explains the key elements to thatching a roof, as he demonstrates his skills at the Royal Bath & West Show. Dickie tells us how this work has been a family tradition for over 8 generations and he shares his delight and pride that there are currently 3 generations working this way. We hear about the processes involved, the minimal equipment needed and the benefits of using combed wheat reed as we see the obvious expertise and passion Dickie has for thatching. http://www.rjwrightthatchers.co.uk/ http://www.bathandwest.com/royal-bath-and-west-show
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What lol…. Ridiculous


March 6, 2020

This looks wonderful. Thank you. What a fantastic fellow that guy you interviewed was. Incredibly great craftsman, and salt of the earth. My god, we need a few more men like him walking our streets. I think a man like him would really sort our country out. Three cheers for him and his whole thatching business. Hip hip horray!

Roberto Ceferino

March 13, 2020


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