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Woods for sale in Northern England


You are welcome to visit our woodlands or meadows with our sales details, if you can do so whilst complying with the latest government guidance. For more information and all enquiries contact the local manager named in the sales details.
Northern England is managed by Dan Watson:

All our woods for sale are offered at a fixed price, and include free membership of the Small Woodland Owners Group and the Royal Forestry Society, as well as £300 towards paying for a course (or courses) to help with managing and enjoying your woodland. Conservation of woodland is very important to us and none of the woodlands we have would be suitable for residential development.

Masson Wood, Derbyshire - Nearly 5 acres, £49,000

Masson Wood

Crich, Holloway, near Matlock, Derbyshire

A beautiful broadleaf woodland on a quiet sunny south facing slope, with streams running through, close to the Derwent Valley Mills, World Heritage site.

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Vale Wood, Nottinghamshire. - Over 6 ¼ acres, £75,000

Vale Wood

Cotgrave, near Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.

A lovely established woodland for bird spotters and wildlife watchers, part of a larger forest and a great place to unwind.

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Garton Wood, Nottinghamshire. - About 4 ½ acres, £59,000

Garton Wood

Cotgrave, near Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.

A mixed woodland alongside a stream, part of a much larger forest and full of wildlife.

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Magerick Wood, near Scarbourough - Over 8 acres, £69,000

Magerick Wood

Troutsdale, Snainton, near Scarbourough

A very peaceful location in the North York Moors National Park, with pine wood and heather moorland: ideal for naturalists or active countryside lovers looking for a quiet haven.

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Dale Top, near Scarborough - Nearly 6 ½ acres, £65,000

Dale Top

Troutsdale, Snainton, near Scarborough

A wonderfully secluded pine and birch woodland located above beautiful Troutsdale, close to Dalby Forest in the North York Moors National Park.

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Givendale Wood, North Yorkshire - Over 24 ½ acres, £149,000

Givendale Wood

Troutsdale, Snainton, near Scarborough, North Yorkshire

A larger and extremely varied woodland on beautiful heather moor, with stunning views of picturesque Troutsdale, in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park: haven for conservationists and countryside-lovers.

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Ord Wood, Yorkshire - 4 ¾ acres, £41,800

Ord Wood

Oughtibridge, near Sheffield, Yorkshire

On the sunny slopes of a leafy valley near Sheffield, this oak and birch woodland holds clues to its working past and abounds with wildlife today.

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Rocher Wood, Yorkshire - Over 4 acres, £36,000

Rocher Wood

Oughtibridge, Sheffield, Yorkshire

A very attractive and well established broadleaf woodland with enchanting glades and thriving regeneration on a sunny southwest facing gentle slope; conveniently near to Sheffield and The Peak District National Park.

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Ellars Wood - SOLD, Yorkshire - About 4½ acres, £46,000

Ellars Wood - SOLD

Sand Hutton, Near York, Yorkshire

A young pine and productive woodland, within easy reach of York, with lots of sheltered internal areas and pretty bluebells.

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Brigante Wood - SOLD, North Yorkshire - Over 4 acres, £45,000

Brigante Wood - SOLD

Brafferton, Near Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire

A very peaceful pine wood with abundant wildlife and bluebells; signs of its ancient woodland heritage.

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Coates Wood - SOLD, North Yorkshire - Nearly 3 ½ acres, £45,000

Coates Wood - SOLD

Brafferton, near Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire

In a peaceful and very attractive forest, a varied and manageable woodland on level ground with good access and a carpet of bluebells.

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Giant's Hill Wood - SOLD, East Yorkshire - Nearly 5 ½ acres, £59,000

Giant's Hill Wood - SOLD

Sutton-Upon-Derwent, near York, East Yorkshire

A fascinating deciduous wood, steeped in history, containing a scheduled ancient monument, Giant’s Hill Motte and ancient woodland plants.

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Mottebank Wood - SOLD, Yorkshire - Nearly 5 ¼ acres, £55,000

Mottebank Wood - SOLD

Sutton-Upon-Derwent, York, Yorkshire

A deciduous woodland close to Sutton upon Derwent, near York. An ideal woodland for family forestry and wildlife watching.

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Bell Close Wood - SOLD, North Yorkshire - Just over 4 acres , £45,000

Bell Close Wood - SOLD

Brafferton, near Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire

Mature Scots pine woodland, with oak, birch, hazel, ferns and beautiful bluebells: a real wildlife haven.

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Morrison Wood - SOLD, North Yorkshire - Over 7 ¼ acres, £79,000

Morrison Wood - SOLD

Helperby, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire

Scots pine and oak with lots of coppiced hazel beneath, along with ferns, honeysuckle and bluebells in a secluded woodland.

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Rascill Wood - SOLD, North Yorkshire - Just over 4 ¼ acres, £45,000

Rascill Wood - SOLD

Brafferton, near Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire

A beautiful bluebell woodland growing oak and pine trees, with ancient forest roots.

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Bull Wood - SOLD, Yorkshire - Nearly 5 acres, £59,500

Bull Wood - SOLD

Sutton on Derwent, near York, Yorkshire

A varied wood with mature pines, young birch and mixed native broadleaf trees, situated close to the River Derwent in the Vale of York.

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Angram Cote Wood - SOLD, North Yorkshire - Just under 4 acres, £59,000

Angram Cote Wood - SOLD

Ellingstring, near Masham, North Yorkshire

Situated in the Yorkshire Dales close to Wensleydale, with woodland on three sides and far-reaching views over heather moorland, Angram Cote Wood is secluded and feels peaceful and serene.

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Clough Moor - SOLD, Cheshire - About 13 acres, £46,000

Clough Moor - SOLD

Cat and Fiddle Pass, between Buxton and Macclesfield, Cheshire

Peak District heather moorland with superb views, in an area of high conservation value.

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Cropwold Wood - SOLD, Nottinghamshire - Over 4 ½ acres, £55,000

Cropwold Wood - SOLD

Cotgrave, near Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

A secluded woodland in the heart of a larger forest: escape from everyday life and absorb the peace.

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Chipeling Wood - SOLD, North Yorkshire - Nearly 4 ½ acres, £55,000

Chipeling Wood - SOLD

Kiplin, near Richmond, North Yorkshire

A hugely varied woodland, ranging from vigorous new growth, to historical, centuries-old trees, with each section of the wood having a different feel, complete with its own hidden secrets and interesting features.

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Horse Garth Wood - SOLD, North Yorkshire - Just over 4 ¼ acres, £39,000

Horse Garth Wood - SOLD

Brafferton, near Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire

A peaceful and accessible mixed woodland with beautiful bluebells in Spring: a real wildlife haven.

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Woodhouse Plantation - SOLD, North Yorkshire - Nearly 4 ¼ acres, £69,000

Woodhouse Plantation - SOLD

Escrick, near York, North Yorkshire

A delightful mixed woodland on a planted ancient woodland site, Woodhouse Plantation is full of wildlife.

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Delph Wood - SOLD, Yorkshire - About 4 ¼ acres, £39,000

Delph Wood - SOLD

Oughtibridge, Sheffield, Yorkshire

A light and airy oak and birch woodland, in the upper Don Valley near Outibridge

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Wood Side - SOLD, North Yorkshire - About 2 acres, £29,000

Wood Side - SOLD

Brafferton, near Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire

A small and peaceful pine wood, alongside a small beck.

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