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Free Posters

Woodlands.co.uk have launched a range of educational posters for people who love woodlands.

The posters are designed for primary school children (from 5-11 years old) and tie in with different stages of the national curriculum. Once printed and displayed these attractive artworks will be useful for teachers, parents as educational aids and for children who want to learn more about British trees and woodland wildlife. The A3/A4 posters are free to download below.

Our first three posters are by illustrator Kate Sutton and are presented in her attractive, accessible style. They cover the following topics

1.Know Your Trees

An identification poster featuring seven trees you’re likely to find in a British woodland. The stylised artwork shows overall tree shape, leaf, and the nut or berry of the Sycamore, Oak, Birch, Beech, Holly Yew and Pine.

Know Your Trees Poster

2. Woodland Lifecycles

A poster divided into four with each section showing the lifecycle of a different woodland creature. For example, the poster depicts the life stages of the Butterfly from egg, to caterpillar through to cocoon and onto fully grown butterfly. The other featured creatures are; Blue Tit, Rabbit, and Frog.

Woodland Lifecycles Poster

3. Woodland Life

A poster featuring a woodland scene with an emphasis on the animals that live there and the links between them. Food chain points of interest include:

  • a fox stalking a mouse
  • a bird pulling a worm out of the ground
  • a squirrel picking an acorn
  • a rabbit nibbling grass or bushes
  • a mushroom at the bottom of a tree
  • a badger snuffling in the undergrowth
  • a pond with a frog watching a dragonfly

Woodland Life Poster

Guide to British Trees

A poster featuring a guide to some of the most common British trees.

Lesson Plans

We have produced a set of useful lesson plans for teachers to accompany the posters:

All lesson plans

Individual lesson plans are also available for download:

Woodland Life Poster
EARLY YEARS - Woodland life - create a woodland lesson plan
KEY STAGE 1 & 2 - Woodland life - descriptive writing

Know Your Trees Poster
KEY STAGE 1 - Know your trees lesson plan

Lifecycles Poster
KEY STAGE 2 - Woodland Lifecycles lesson plan

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