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How to Make a Butter Knife for Beginners

by WoodlandsTV ~ 3 April, 2020 ~ comments welcome

In this video Annette Stickler a Campfire Skills Instructor shows us how t

How To Make A Needle From Bone

by WoodlandsTV ~ 21 February, 2020 ~ 13 comments

Adam Logan shows us how to make a sewing needle from deer bone, using a delicate and primitive technique. With this method, you too will be able to make your own needle from sourcing your own bone, to creating the right shaped needle for the job in hand.

A film for woodlands.co.uk

Flint Knapping an Arrow Head

by WoodlandsTV ~ 7 February, 2020 ~ 7 comments

Mesolithic Flint Knapping: The tortoise shell core

by WoodlandsTV ~ 7 February, 2020 ~ 3 comments

Andrew Packer from Dartmoor Wildcrafts demonstrates one of the chief tools used to create flint blades in the Mesolithic age, the tortoise shell core.

Making Charcoal

by WoodlandsTV ~ 10 January, 2020 ~ 2 comments

Matthew Lloyd from Survival School Bristol guides us through the process of making charcoal in an octagonal shaped kiln. He talks about the history of this traditional process and even tells us the origin of the one legged stool - a tool designed by charcoal burners to stop them from falling asleep whilst watching over the fire.

A film for woodlands.co.uk by Rose Dunster and Emily George

Primitive firelighting

by WoodlandsTV ~ 20 December, 2019 ~ 9 comments

Here Matt Lloyd shows us different firelighting techniques.

An Introduction to Felting

by WoodlandsTV ~ 9 December, 2019 ~ 5 comments

With Christmas coming up why not make a few of your presents instead of buying them! Over the next couple of weeks we will be uploading a series of easy DIY films to give you some ideas!

Woodlands.co.uk sent a couple of our film makers to the Wilderness Gathering to learn about the different crafts going in the world of woodlands. Here Amanda Critchlow, a professional felter demonstrates the minimal amount of materials needed to craft a felt pouch while explaining the many uses felt has served historically. She passes down her tips and tricks learnt over the years as encourages you to make your own felt creation.

A film for woodlands.co.uk by Rose Dunster and Emily George

Bronze Age Knife Forging

by WoodlandsTV ~ 25 October, 2019 ~ 8 comments

Simon Bowbar from Prehistoric Bronze explains the bronze forging process of creating a prehistoric knife. This specialist skill is rarely practised in the modern day and gives us insight into the life of our Iron Age ancestors.

Ancient Art: Making earth pigments

by WoodlandsTV ~ 18 September, 2019 ~ 13 comments

WoodlandsTV went to the 2019 bushcraft show to see some of the amazing woodland craft that goes on around the world. Here Caroline Nicolay guides you through how to make your very own ancient earth pigment, explaining the cultural context behind each colour.

A film for woodlands.co.uk by Emily George and Rose Dunster

How to Thatch a Roof

by WoodlandsTV ~ 12 April, 2018 ~ 22 comments

Dickie Wright, from RJ Wright and Son, Master Family Thatchers, explains the key elements to thatching a roof, as he demonstrates his skills at the Royal Bath & West Show. Dickie tells us how this work has been a family tradition for over 8 generations and he shares his delight and pride that there are currently 3 generations working this way. We hear about the processes involved, the minimal equipment needed and the benefits of using combed wheat reed as we see the obvious expertise and passion Dickie has for thatching. http://www.rjwrightthatchers.co.uk/ http://www.bathandwest.com/royal-bath-and-west-show
An Adliberate film http://www.adliberate.co.uk for WoodlandsTV http://www.woodlands.co.uk/tv

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