Why buy tree planting land?

By connecting with nature and creating new ecosystems which draw greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere, creating your own woodland could be one of the most engaging, environmentally friendly projects you ever do. As well as offsetting your own carbon footprint, it is something you can nurture and curate for many years, leaving a legacy for future generations to enjoy.

There are many wonderful reasons to create your own woodland:

  • enrich the natural environment
  • slow the onset of climate change
  • rewild through tree planting
  • reduce stress and improve wellbeing








Tree-planting for carbon offsetting

Our modern lifestyles are damaging our planet. From the food we eat, to the way we travel to the energy we consume, we leave our own carbon footprint on planet earth. Planting trees is a brilliant means of reducing your carbon footprint and joining the global fight against climate change. Trees absorb harmful carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, storing the carbon while releasing fresh oxygen for us to breath. This is why woodland areas are referred to as ‘carbon sinks’; vaults locking in carbon which would otherwise surround the Earth, and continue the process of warming the planet. But what does this actually mean, in measurable terms?

In one year, just one acre of planted woodland...


will absorb 6 tons of harmful carbon dioxide from the environment while producing 4 tons of breathable oxygen. This equates to:

  • The amount of CO2 released from driving your car 26,000 miles
  • The amount of O2 needed for 18 adults to live for one year



But there are other environmental benefits from planting trees

As well as capturing and storing CO2, tree planting improves biodiversity, the natural landscape, flood management and air & water quality. In planting a woodland you will be:

  • Creating habitats and providing a food source for wildlife
  • Increasing air quality through trapping harmful pollutants, such as nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide
  • Reducing the risk of flooding by slowing down the speed that water drains off the land
  • Protecting habitats and preventing soil erosion through new root networks

For enjoyment, as well as conservation

Creating a new woodland is great fun...


  • you'll spend more time outdoors
  • it will reduce stress for you, family and friends
  • you get exercise and get away from screens
  • you'll be setting an example to others to take action


For knowledge and learning

Planting and growing your own woodland is a great chance to learn. People from any background can plant trees and oversee a young woodland, regardless of previous experience. From taking the first steps of understanding the different species of trees, creating a woodland is a journey of discovery. You will learn to plant whips, install tree guards, make tracks, shape a landscape and do coppicing.

Tree planting for you and for others

We often find people share their project with friends, family and the wider community. You can establish a natural space where you can slow down, spend time, explore and connect with your family . Families come to experience the great outdoors together, with adventures aplenty and games to be played. Of course woodlands develop and thrive over many years, and can be a wonderful place for you and for future generations to enjoy.

If this sounds exciting, our 'tree planting FAQs' page should help answer questions, and then check out 'tree planting land for sale' to see what is available.