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Stage Wood, Kent – 360° video

by WoodlandsTV ~ 13 January, 2019 ~ 2 comments

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Mindfulness: Walking in the Woods

by WoodlandsTV ~ 3 January, 2019 ~ 10 comments

Here we follow Daisie from Wild Wanderings UK.

Wild Wanderings UK is an experience of feeling oneself as an extension of nature itself. You come to explore yourself, the individual, and to expand that awareness to the world around you. To walk and to be fully present on this earth, amongst these trees and on this soil is to experience the true state of peace, stillness, serenity and bliss that is our birth right. So within so without. Let's walk.

With thanks to Daisie

Made by Sava FIlms


A Day at Forest School

by WoodlandsTV ~ 9 December, 2018 ~ 10 comments

A film exploring Charlotte's Wood, a forest school run by Charlotte Atkinson and her team. Here we see the importance of outdoor learning, why children should have time away from their screen devices and how forest school can be beneficial to children with autism.

Future Forest: The Sylva Foundation

by WoodlandsTV ~ 30 November, 2018 ~ 6 comments

The Sylva foundation is an environmental charity that works across England focussing on science, education, forestry and wood. Here Gabriel Hemery shows us around the foundations exciting project Future Forest.

This future forest is created by the people, as donors and friends of the forest chose their plot and their trees within it resulting in a fascinating mix of species. Learn more about all the Sylva Foundation does by visiting their website. https://sylva.org.uk/forestfriend

With many thanks to The Sylva Foundation and Gabriel Hemery

A Sava Films film

The Woodland Cellist

by WoodlandsTV ~ 16 November, 2018 ~ 6 comments

Nicolas Cherniavsky is a woodland cellist. Listen to him play and describe how playing in the woodlands is unlike performing in any other space, how important silence is and how the music reflects the characteristics of the wood.

With thanks to Nicolas Cherniavsky.

Made by Sava films

Carbon Weevils

by WoodlandsTV ~ 2 November, 2018 ~ 12 comments

This classic cataclysmic climate change animation from “Invisible Bonfires” exploring the apocalyptic Evolution of the Carbon Weevil.

An animation by Tim Britton


The Foragers: Jelly Ear Fungus Stir Fry

by WoodlandsTV ~ 12 October, 2018 ~ 7 comments

The Foragers head into the woods and experiment with some Chinese cooking techniques to bring out the tender, tasty best in two notoriously difficult ingredients. The twist? No Chinese spices or seasonings were used - all British, all wild.

To learn more about The Foragers and their foraging experiences go to their website https://the-foragers.com/

Hedge Laying: North Somerset Style

by WoodlandsTV ~ 1 October, 2018 ~ 15 comments

Here at The Royal Bath & West Show, experts Clive Bethell and Paul Gulliford of the Wrington and Burrington Hedge Laying Society talk us through their demonstration of the particular `North Somerset` style. They show us the traditional techniques and tools used to create a living, stock-proof hedge that is sensitive to the natural surroundings. We see a display of miniature living hedges representing styles from around the country and witness Clive and Paul`s obvious pride in their particular tradition and society. https://en-gb.facebook.com/wringtonandburringtonhedgingsociety/ http://www.hedgelaying.org.uk/ http://www.bathandwest.com/royal-bath-and-west-show
An Adliberate film http://www.adliberate.co.uk for WoodlandsTV http://www.woodlands.co.uk/tv

Wood-Decay Fungi

by WoodlandsTV ~ 17 September, 2018 ~ 10 comments

Veteran tree expert and enthusiast, Jim Mullholland, walks through the 19th century Torthworth Arboretum describing some of the examples of wood-decay fungi he finds there, including `Chicken of the Woods` (Laetiporus sulphureus) and `Beefsteak Fungus` (Fistulina hepatica). Jim explains how a wood-decay fungus is classified in various different ways depending on the type of decay it causes - such as the crumbly, cubicle brown rot or the more spongy white rot that breaks down the lignin in the wood. He tells us how a fungus does not necessarily lead to the destruction of the tree; that fruiting bodies of certain fungi can be extremely useful for wildlife; and recommends a limit to the size and number of wounds on a tree so that it is less likely for decay to set in. http://tortwortharboretum.org ; http://www.ancienttreeforum.co.uk/ . An Adliberate film http://www.adliberate.co.uk for WoodlandsTV http://www.woodlands.co.uk/tv

The Foragers: Vegan Roast Chicken

by WoodlandsTV ~ 31 August, 2018 ~ 10 comments

Here the Foragers find a mushroom known as 'chicken of the woods' and transform it into a vegan feast.

To find out more about the Foragers visit their channel or website


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