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How to draw your own map of your woodland

by WoodlandsTV ~ 22 July, 2019 ~ 4 comments

Following on from his first video for Woodlands TV, "How to Draw Trees" Italian artist, Michele Tranquillini demonstrates a simple and fun way to make an illustrated map of your own woodland. Using a step-by-step approach he explains how to convey the personal story of your wood. He gives suggestions on what to include and gives tips on how to create an attractive finished map.

An Introduction to Lichen

by WoodlandsTV ~ 16 July, 2019 ~ 8 comments

"What actually is a lichen?" In this film, we learn about the structure and function of lichen, as well as the three main growth forms and how to identify different lichen forms. Lichenologist Joe Hope invites us to have a closer look at the fascinating lichen ecosystem especially the relationship between lichen and algae. He clearly explains some key terms that will help you understand more about the lichens in your local woodland.

A film for woodlands.co.uk by Jemma Cholawo

Forest School: Lost words

by WoodlandsTV ~ 11 July, 2019 ~ comments welcome

A class from Little Hadham forest school explain their favourite words from the illustrated book Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris. The Book Lost Words reintroduces words describing the natural world into our vocabulary, words that for some had got lost, and matches them with beautiful illustrations to bring them to life.

A film by Rose Dunster

Bushcraft Tool Review: Craft Knives

by WoodlandsTV ~ 5 July, 2019 ~ one comment

In this video Annette Stickler talks us through a few of her favourite craft knives, and how to use them safely.

This film was made for WoodlandsTV in association with Dulwich Studios.

You can watch more WoodlandsTV films here: http://youtube.com/WoodlandsTV

How to cook fish on a stick

by WoodlandsTV ~ 20 June, 2019 ~ 9 comments

Here we follow Anette Stickler, Campfire skills instructor shows us a quick and safe way to cook fish using only a couple of sticks.

This film was made for WoodlandsTV in association with Dulwich Studios.

You can watch more WoodlandsTV films here: http://youtube.com/WoodlandsTV

Bluebells: The Great Woodland Spectacle

by WoodlandsTV ~ 6 June, 2019 ~ 4 comments

Spring brings many changes to our woodlands, but one of the most eye catching of these is the yearly emergence of Bluebells. Watch this stunning transformation and see how the bluebells bring other wildlife to the woods too.

A film by Tom Hartwell

How to draw a tree

by WoodlandsTV ~ 30 May, 2019 ~ 4 comments

In this wonderful drawing tutorial by Michele Tranquilini, you can teach yourself how to draw trees by focusing on simple forms, shadows, empty space and rhythm.

Drawings and film by Michele Tranquillini


Draw what you hear

by WoodlandsTV ~ 21 May, 2019 ~ 10 comments

Draw What You Hear is an environmental education game that enhances your sensory experience of the place you're in. It encourages you to listen much more carefully than you otherwise might, and pick out individual sounds from the entire range of hearing. This gives you a greater sense of place, space, distance, weather, and the occupants and their activities in that space and where they might be.

The second challenge of this game is to draw the shapes of the sounds you are hearing – it's likely you have never tried to do this before! There are no restrictions on your mark making potential, no right or wrong way to represent sound on paper. The act of doing this will sharpen your senses, and connect your eyes and ears to your imagination in ways that you didn't know were possible!

Filmed on Woodbury Common in Devon.

Film by Jemma Cholawo

Trees as Sources of Medicine

by WoodlandsTV ~ 3 May, 2019 ~ 10 comments

Dr Henry Oakeley, Garden Fellow at the Medicinal Garden of the Royal College of Physicians, London, introduces trees from around the world that have medicinal uses or connections. The ancient plane tree, Platanus orientalis subspecies insularis from the Island of Cos, off the coast of Greece, under which Hippocrates taught his medical students 2,300 years ago and parent of the London plane. Drimys winteri, a forest tree from Tierra del Fuego, whose fruits cured sailors of scurvy 450 years ago; along with Citrus trees whose fruits have been used for this since 1617. He talks about the olive tree, Olea europaea, source of olive oil, and the American sassafras tree, Sasafras albidum, once used to flavour children’s drinks but now the main source of the drug Ecstasy. To finish there is the pomegranate, Punica granatum and its elegant dwarf variety nana, whose juice was used in mediaeval times to treat fevers; and the fabulously ancient maidenhair tree Gingko biloba, whose extracts increase cerebral blood flow in ancient arteries to little effect, but may have more light-hearted properties. https://garden.rcplondon.ac.uk/ An Adliberate film http://www.adliberate.co.uk for WoodlandsTV http://www.woodlands.co.uk/tv

Working with Horses in the Woods

by WoodlandsTV ~ 28 March, 2019 ~ 7 comments

Here we see Kate Mobbs-Morgan and her Ardennes horse Kipp at The Royal Bath & West Show, demonstrating their low impact timber extraction work. Kate explains how this method is particularly suited to wet, steep, small or environmentally sensitive or significant sites, where mechanical extraction might prove either impossible or unwelcome. Their emotional connection and extraordinary working relationship is clear as Kipp responds positively to Kate`s gentle voice and rope commands, to carry out the task efficiently and with enormous skill and strength.
http://www.rowanworkinghorses.co.uk/ https://en-gb.facebook.com/RowanWorking/
http://www.bathandwest.com/royal-bath-and-west-show An Adliberate film http://www.adliberate.co.uk for WoodlandsTV http://www.woodlands.co.uk/tv

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