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How to buy a woodland

We make it easy to buy a wood from us. It is surprisingly straightforward to buy woodland, and we usually have lots of interesting woods for sale. In contrast to buying a residential property there are no chains, no furniture, no leases and usually no legal charges to register or release! Nearly all our woods for sale will put a covenant in place with you to make sure that the interests of all owners are protected.

When you have settled on which of our woodlands for sale you would like to buy, we help to make the sale go smoothly. Your local manager is important in this process because they can answer questions and clarify the points of detail, or help with the different stages of the purchase.

A few top level points to remember:

  • we do not accept offers below the asking price on a woodland as we have set prices which we think are fair. This makes the buying process very straightforward ;
  • once you decide you want it we don’t accept any other offers. As soon as we have your legal details we remove the woodland from the website and consider it sold – no gazumping is allowed!
  • our woodlands are generally freehold
  • when we have agreed the purchase, you will need a lawyer (solicitor or licensed conveyancer). We can recommend lawyers who are efficient and reasonably priced.
  • and we offer a step-by-step guide to the legal process.

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