Why buy from Woodlands.co.uk?

Providing small woodlands for people like you is all we do. Our aim is to match you to the best woodland we have.

What we do

  • We choose carefully the woods we acquire for you, taking into account the suitability of the place, the neighbours and anything else that is important to your experience of owning a wood, so we do our best to avoid buying woods with problems.
  • We improve access tracks, erect a name plate, mark all the boundaries, and, where needed, put a gate or a ride stop across tracks that only you can use.
  • We mark out your boundaries with care, following natural boundaries such as fences, earth banks and streams as much as possible, and ensure that their position is clearly indicated. We want to sell woods that you will be happy and proud to own.

How we support you

  • Friendly local managers: we have a dozen friendly woodland managers who spend a lot of time preparing the woods. They are very happy to visit your chosen wood with you (usually after you have seen it yourself for the first time) and to answer all your questions, or just to talk on the phone if you prefer. When you have agreed the purchase, they will keep in touch until the purchase is completed, as well as afterwards.
  • Covenants: where neighbouring woodlands are also being purchased from us, we ensure that all owners have a covenant, preventing them from causing each other a nuisance with noisy activities or non-forestry vehicles.
  • Contacting your neighbours: If you would like to be in touch with your woodland neighbours, our local managers will introduce you to each other.
  • Keys on completion: As soon as you have completed the purchase, we make sure that you have any keys you may need for vehicular access to your woodland.
  • Our range of support: we help you with books, magazines, memberships and course recommendations.

Why buy a woodland?

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