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Owners survey 2011

Owners of small woodlands all over Britain took part in a survey recently, to find out why they bought their woods, and how they managed them.The survey of almost 150 owners of small woodlands showed that they can be a vital part of UK woodland management.

  • Almost all (89%) say that their love of wildlife was an important factor in buying their wood.
  • Owners see their woodlands as an important part of their family life and their visits to their woods are highly social
  • Owners visit their woods more than 60 times per year and it is a year-round pursuit.

The report highlighted the factors which were quite or very important in purchasing their woods. These were principally about having a place where they, their family and friends can relax in some solitude (90%), a love of wildlife (89%) and conservation (86%) and to have a source of wood fuel for their own use or sell to others (75%).
Woodland Owners Survey Report (PDF)

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