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New Woods for Sale

Bentwitchen Wood

Bentwitchen Wood
£55,000 | Devon
Near Brayford, Barnstaple

Nettlebed Wood

Nettlebed Wood
£49,000 | Hampshire
Durley, Hedge End

Rosebay Wood

Rosebay Wood
£65,000 | Somerset

Sowdens Gate Wood

Sowdens Gate Wood
£35,000 | East Sussex
near Udimore,

Frobisher Wood

Frobisher Wood
£55,000 | Kent
Langley Heath,

Harvestman Wood

Harvestman Wood
£85,000 | County Antrim

Squier Wood

Squier Wood
£65,000 | Devon
Portsmouth Arms, Near South Molton

Pinn Wood

Pinn Wood
£59,000 | Devon
Near Sidbury, Sidmouth

Hayes Wood

Hayes Wood
£69,000 | Nottinghamshire.
Cotgrave, near Nottingham

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Meadows, Fields, Lakes and Rivers

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We also sell meadows and fields, and have some woods with lakes and rivers:

Conserving British woodlands by helping individuals and families buy their own woodlands to enjoy and to look after.

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Now in their fourth year, the Woodlands Awards aim to celebrate and promote woodland initiatives, skills, knowledge, creativity and best practice.

Three new award categories for 2020!

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