Tree Planting by Antony Mason

Ever dreamt of planting your own woodland? This is the book for you! Buy Tree Planting Book Now

A picture of the cover of the book Tree Planting by Antony Mason

Woodlands.co.uk have published a new easy-to-follow guide to tree planting and woodland creation: “Tree planting: how to create a woodland”. This accessible book takes newcomers to tree planting and woodland creation through the journey from selecting species and woodland design to sourcing trees and practical tree planting advice. The text is accompanied throughout with beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, photographs and step-by-step guides to help those with all levels of experience create their own special woodland.

Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the numbers of individuals, families, community groups and businesses who are actively looking to acquire land to plant it with trees and create new woodland. The journey they follow is one of discovery and adventure, with plenty of bumps along the road, but ultimately driven by the desire to leave a lasting legacy for future generations to enjoy, creating a private space where they can spend time with loved ones while being close to nature.

The book is written by Antony Mason, author of more than 80 non-fiction books on subjects as diverse as history, art, current affairs, geography and travel. Antony finds pleasure in unravelling specialist, often technical subjects, identifying what makes them interesting, explaining them in a way that will appeal to the non-specialist.

The publisher, Woodlands.co.uk, actively supports those who are looking to undertake woodland creation projects in the UK through sourcing and selling parcels of land suited to tree planting. They also provide ongoing support and advice to buyers throughout the life cycle of their project.