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One of our main aims at Woodlands.co.uk is to get more people into woodlands, including those people and groups who can't afford to buy their own wood. For the last 2 years we have been running a community woodlands project and in that space of time we have had more than 500 requests from people who wish to use woodlands for activities involving the local community. We now have people who use our woods for children's groups, scouts, forest schools, social forestry, bushcraft courses, woodlands management demonstrations, off-road horse riding organisations, orienteering and coppicing.

As we have received such a large number of enquiries, we have decided to set up a forum to put community groups in touch with other woodland owners who would be interested in allowing their woodland to be used in this way.

Are you a woodland owner?

Below are some of the projects requiring woodland. You may also wish to read our advice on hosting a project in your woodland.

Bristol (ish)

Hi. I'm looking for woodlands to use as a training venue for LANTRA awards/NPTC tree felling courses and assessments. More details


Hello, I am looking for a site to start up a forest school with small group of people near Reading. I was a teacher in an alternative primary school which promotes the connection between nature and people. I really love this idea and I hope I can be the agency that bring more people to the nature. That’s the reason why now I'm doing my Forest School Leader. My dream is to start up my own Forest School in long term, but now I need to find a place to run my own 6 sessions as a practicum first. Ideally it would be a woodland with trees and great biodiversity. It would be wonderful if campfire cooking and foraging is allowed. I am a nature lover so protecting the environment would definitely my priority. Please contact me if you can help or would like to discuss more. Thank you very much for taking your time to read. Cheers. More details

Lincoln LN1 and LN2, further afield also considered

Currently in search of a woodland area to practice woodland management and low impact bushcraft, with a view to expand into historic building reconstruction as part of a heritage project. Happy to undertake projects on land needing additional work, such as clearing non native plants, hedge laying etc More details

Chesterfield area (Derbyshire/ South Yorkshire)

I have been an avid bushcraft/ survival enthusiast since my teenage years. I love all things outdoors and practice as many skills as I can in my back garden, trying to hand down the information to my kids. I used to deliver bushcraft sessions for groups of teenagers at a previous job but sadly finances lead me elsewhere. In the future I’m looking to get back into delivering some bushcraft sessions to aid with child mental health issues. Right now though I'm in need of a better space to practice my skills than my back garden where I can fine tune what these session might look like. I can help with keeping an eye out for trespasses and more than happy to pass on skills and offer training to any interested land owners. More details

Woodlands around Denholme, Harden, Wilsden, Bingley in Bradford

I am interested in setting up a 2-4 year old Forest Nursery School provision. The site needs to be secure for use with young children. We would ideally like to set up tents and mud kitchen areas that would need to be left in situ and access to toilets is essential. We would look to run Forest school activities including some small fire activities but in general it would be heavily nature based play for very young children. We would ideally look to have a cabin/yurt with power capacity. Small scale to begin with with capacity to grow where possible. More details


I aI am a children and young people’s mental health therapist and am hoping to start a walk and talk therapy service for young people with mental health difficulties and/or neurodiverse young people. I believe being in the outdoors enables young people to feel comfortable talking and a change to bring anxiety levels down by being in nature. I am looking for an area of woods or land that may be suitable for me to deliver therapy in nature. Thank you in Advance:) More details


Hi, I have been running outdoor stay and play groups for young children since September 2022, they have proved very popular and it has been a success from the start. However, due to the recent farm park opening, Nature's Play is unable to continue running from Stoughton Grange and I am now looking for an alternative location to run the sessions from. Currently I run on average 3 sessions a week, as well as hosting birthday parties, the sessions are for 90 minutes with 20 children and nearly always fully booked. The main ethos is to get children outside and learn about nature and the environment. The sessions are very educational for the children as well as being fun and different, supporting children to develop a lifelong love and respect for nature. The business is very environmentally friendly, making a lot of the resources at home, or sourcing second hand items. I also like to keep the site as natural as possible, planting flowers for the bees & butterflies and an area for growing, all while supporting the children to learn. The website is www.natures-play.com and you can see more on Instragram/Facebook @naturesplayleics . I also have fantastic feedback which can be seen within the 5* reviews on Google & Facebook. I am very keen to enquire as to whether you have any woodland area available that you would be willing to rent for me to continue and develop my business? More details

Ashford, Kent

This may not be a normal request but here it goes. I'm looking for a bit of woodland to use so I can practice my skills to a higher level, I previously worked in outdoor education for 10 years and completed my IOL (Institute Of Outdoor learning) competency certificate. So understand the importance the often overlooked benefit of enjoying an area at a slower pace. All the practices i would like to undertake would be at the owners permission and would be more than happy to pay rent and lend a helping hand. As before the skill I practice I will be recording though written, photo and the obvious physical products of hard work. It will all go into my log book to buil a portfolio so I can one day leap back into outdoor education setting rather than being in a factory like I am at the moment. More details

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