Why buy a woodland?

Having helped thousands of people buy their own wood for over 30 years, we know there are many good reasons for buying a woodland.

We’ve done some of our own research on the subject and spent a lot of time talking to our customers about it.

Owning your own woodland

Perhaps owning a woodland fulfils a long term dream, of being a land-owner, and of caring for nature. Perhaps you will camp there, picnic there, entertain friends and family, have birthday parties, chill out on your own. Perhaps you will plant a few trees, or maybe a lot of trees. You will get closer to the natural world.

You will be free to clear the undergrowth to make a level space for the tent, hang your belongings on convenient tree branches. You can clear paths for exploring your wood and cut back brambles and bracken.

You can make a small clearing and light a campfire and boil a kettle. Friends and family can come along and share this freedom with you, exploring your wood and climbing your trees.

Sometimes you might work from dawn to dusk, cutting coppice poles, widening the tracks, or fighting the rhododendron. You may want to simply sit back and enjoy the wood. By night you will listen to the owls, sneak out to observe the badgers, or just lie looking skyward at the stars.

What woodland owners say

One day at a meeting of our woodland owners our Woodlands TV crew rolled up, so we asked everyone to tell us why they had bought their woodland, and what it means to them.

Some of our buyers have also written at length about their experiences. Heather Martin and Rodney Taylor kept a month-by-month diary of how they enjoyed and improved their woodland, and how it transformed their lives.

Other buyers have created their own websites to document their experiences.