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Woods for sale in South East England

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You are welcome to visit our woodlands or meadows with our sales details. For more information and all enquiries contact the local manager named in the sales details.
South East England is managed by Ruth and James Feltham:

All our woods for sale are offered at a fixed price, and include free membership of the Small Woodland Owners Group and the Royal Forestry Society, as well as £300 towards paying for a course (or courses) to help with managing and enjoying your woodland. Conservation of woodland is very important to us and none of the woodlands we have would be suitable for residential development.

Pitt Wood North, Kent - About 39 acres, £325,000

Pitt Wood North

Adisham, Canterbury, Kent

A unique opportunity to own and manage a strongly commercial SSSI ancient woodland.

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Honeydew Wood, Kent - About 4 ¼ acres, £59,000

Honeydew Wood

Selling, Faversham, Kent

An extremely private ancient woodland offering an owner the opportunity to manage a small chestnut coppice wood.

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Frobisher Wood, Kent - 4 ½ acres, £55,000

Frobisher Wood

Langley Heath, Kent

A varied ancient wood with mature chestnut coppice, recently coppiced chestnut, many splendid mature oaks and mature larch.

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Drake Wood, Kent - About 10 acres, £95,000

Drake Wood

Langley Heath, Kent

An ancient replanted wood featuring a young mixed plantation and a smaller compartment of established broadleaf and mature larch.

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Polo Wood, Kent - 7 ¾ acres, £85,000

Polo Wood

Langley Heath, Kent

An attractive ancient wood comprising chestnut coppice of differing age classes with mature oak standards.

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Keep Wood, Kent - About 9 acres, £95,000

Keep Wood

Langley Heath, Kent

With two access routes off the country lane, Keep Wood is mostly a sweet chestnut coppice and Japanese larch wood, with oaks and other broadleaf species.

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Trub Wood, Kent - 7 ½ acres, £75,000

Trub Wood

Camden Hill, near Sissinghurst, Kent

A mainly sweet chestnut wood tucked away in the the furthest north part of Brewers Wood with farmland on 3 sides.

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Sowdens Gate Wood, East Sussex - 2 ¾ acres, £35,000

Sowdens Gate Wood

near Udimore, East Sussex

An attractive ancient woodland featuring a wide variety of broadleaf species - close to the coastal town of Rye.

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Cable Wood - SOLD, West Sussex - About 9 acres, £150,000

Cable Wood - SOLD

Arundel, West Sussex

This mixed ancient woodland features Scots pine and mixed broadleaves. Packed with wildlife, within the South Downs National Park and close to the coast.

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Tawny Wood - SOLD, Kent - 11½ acres, £95,000

Tawny Wood - SOLD

Petham, Canterbury, Kent

Oak, birch and chestnut in a high status conservation woodland with lots of useful timber too.

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Lower Moorcroft Wood - SOLD, Kent - 8 ¼ acres, £149,000

Lower Moorcroft Wood - SOLD

Sevenoaks Weald, near Sevenoaks, Kent

A unique ancient wood - not only in its shape, but also having three separate ponds. A perfect wood for family escape and wildlife watchers.

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Heathgate Wood - SOLD, West Sussex - About 6½ acres, £105,000

Heathgate Wood - SOLD

Tortington, Arundel, West Sussex

Convenient, wildlife-rich broadleaved woodland full of wildflowers.

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Restwold Wood - SOLD, Hampshire - About 5½ acres, £95,000

 Restwold Wood - SOLD

Lower Farringdon, near Alton, Hampshire

A majestic valleyside woodland combining beech with mixed conifers in beautiful Hampshire countryside.

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Byre Wood - SOLD, Kent - Over 5 ⅓ acres, £65,000

Byre Wood - SOLD

Castlehill, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

High forest, oak and ash with larch and spruce on a gentle slope with lots of scope for creating glades and open areas.

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Uphill Wood - SOLD, Kent - 6 ½ acres, £85,000

Uphill Wood - SOLD

Selling, Faversham, Kent

A sweet chestnut coppice wood - designated an Ancient Woodland and featuring an attractive clearing.

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Capstan Wood - SOLD, West Sussex - 4 ½ acres , £55,000

Capstan Wood - SOLD

Arundel, West Sussex

This mixed ancient woodland features Scots pine and mixed broadleaves. Situated within the South Downs National Park it is also close to the coast.

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Riddling Wood - SOLD, East Sussex - About 5½ acres, £45,000

Riddling Wood - SOLD

Boars Head, Crowborough, East Sussex

Young broadleaved woodland of beech, oak and birch, with great scope for productive physical activity.

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Stage Wood - SOLD, Kent - Approx 8 ½ acres, £89,000

Stage Wood - SOLD

Pembury, Kent

Featuring a very attractive stream and with a wide variety of conifer and broadleaf, Stage Wood has lots to offer a woodland owner. Unusual 360 degree film of Stage Wood below...

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Ledge Wood - SOLD, Kent - 6 ¼ acres, £65,000

Ledge Wood - SOLD

Biddenden, Kent

A varied ancient woodland featuring Corsican pine and chestnut coppice with oak overstory.

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Trinity Wood - SOLD, West Sussex - 6 ¼ acres, £95,000

Trinity Wood - SOLD

Scaynes Hill, Haywards Heath, West Sussex

An extremely attractive ancient hornbeam woodland with a spillway leading to the River Ouse running though it, surrounded by woods and fields.

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Stanley Wood - SOLD, Kent - 5 ¾ acres, £59,000

Stanley Wood - SOLD

Langley, Kent

An ancient wood comprising chestnut coppice with mature oak standards, offering an owner the opportunity to introduce mixed native broadleaves by planting, or to manage as coppice.

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Mound Wood - SOLD, Kent - 5 ¼ acres, £65,000

Mound Wood - SOLD

Selling, Faversham, Kent

A ancient woodland set back from the quiet country lane and surrounded by woods, featuring chestnut coppice, oaks and other broadleaves.

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Clarence Wood - SOLD, Kent - 8 ½ acres, £95,000

Clarence Wood - SOLD

Pembury, Kent

An attractive ancient woodland - a genuine hidden gem, tucked away from roads, varied and packed with features including a stream and two seasonal ponds.

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Chowning Bank Wood - SOLD, Kent - About 5⅔ acres, £65,000

Chowning Bank Wood - SOLD

Castlehill, Tonbridge, Kent

An oak and chestnut semi-natural ancient bluebell woodland, that has many of the features of an ideal wood.

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Waggon Wood - SOLD, Kent - Approx 8 ⅔ acres, £85,000

Waggon Wood - SOLD

Pembury, Kent

An ancient woodland - established conifer on the upper side of the wood and broadleaves favouring a 'wet woodland', ferns and mosses down by the delightful stream.

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East Pullens Wood - SOLD, Kent - 5 ¼ acres, £69,000

East Pullens Wood - SOLD

Lamberhurst, Kent

An ancient woodland within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, East Pullens Wood is extremely private and includes an incredibly diverse range of tree types of various stages of maturity.

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Beechbank Wood - SOLD, Kent - Over 6 acres, £49,000

Beechbank Wood - SOLD

Garlinge Green, Canterbury, Kent

Remote and quiet, a broadleaved conservation woodland with much to offer.

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Manciple Wood - SOLD, Kent - 6 ½ acres, £69,000

Manciple Wood - SOLD

Adisham, near Canterbury, Kent

With a replanted mixed broadleaf area and a larger mature mixed broadleaf area, Manciple Wood has a lot of variety to offer.

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