How we support our buyers

Providing small woodlands for people like you is what we do, and we try to help our buyers get the most out of their woodland with a range of support including books, subscriptions, introductions to neighbours, advice on local suppliers and money towards relevant training.

As soon as your purchase has completed we send you the keys you need for access to your wood. Then we provide a range of support that makes it easier and more enjoyable to get started.

Small Woodland Owners’ Group & Royal Forestry Society

We will introduce you to Small Woodlands Owners Group (SWOG), an informal group of small woodland owners, which we sponsor. SWOG aims to encourage the enjoyment, diversity and conservation of British woodland.

We will also pay for a year’s membership of the Royal Forestry Society. Both of these organisations send regular magazines or newsletters (SWOG’s is free on-line).

Subsidised training courses

We promise new buyers up to £300 towards the cost (course fees, not including travel and subsistence) for any course which is going to help you with managing and enjoying your woodland. We have lots of information and ideas on the sort of course you might like to take.

Books and magazines

We have worked with authors to produce a useful book "Getting Started in Your Own Wood" (an updated edition of “Badgers, Beeches and Blisters”), which we give a copy of to all new purchasers of a wood.

We also give you free access to Living Woods magazine.

We have also collected together some other information about other books and magazines about woodlands that you may find useful.