About Us

Planting in 1990

Woodlands.co.uk began as a family business and a labour of love. We have been working for over twenty years to bring the excitement of owning a wood to more and more people. It all started thirty-six years ago when our family bought our own small wood. Over the years we experienced many kinds of forestry work and had hours and hours of enjoyment from owning it. We observed nature at every season, we discovered several woodland crafts and we shared innumerable friends’ visits and family events. We always wondered, “Why can’t other people do this?” But there were not many small woodlands available.

Starting the company

We started the company to create and sell smaller woodlands so that other people like ourselves could have a wood of their own. We had observed that a lot of large woodlands were being neglected because there was no longer any economic incentive to manage them (this is still largely true today). We believed that people like us would care for their woods and would get a great deal of enjoyment from them. In the last twenty years we have created and sold hundreds of small woods all over Britain with the help and support of our enthusiastic Local Managers, Up a tree who, like us, enjoy working independently and are passionate about woodlands.

Our objectives are:

  • to spread woodland ownership more widely so that more people can enjoy British Woodlands as owners and take a part in managing and conserving them.
  • to give people wider knowledge and understanding of woodlands through information on our website.
  • to encourage adventurous and creative activities in a woodland setting.
  • to make woodlands more available for use by small organised groups.

Creating Manageable Woodlands

We sell a variety of woods that that are great for personal and family enjoyment but that will also benefit from the care and attention that new ownership brings. Very large woodlands are usually too much for one family to manage or to afford. We purchase many acres of woodlands around the UK and then create more manageable woodlands out of them. We always ensure that the new woods have good access and. wherever possible, we make use of natural boundaries like streams, historic woodbanks, or long established paths and tracks. We then clear and grade the existing tracks ( sometimes discovering old ones hidden beneath the undergrowth!) and sometimes we make some new pathways. We mark boundaries clearly but inconspicuously and install secure gates. We do not divide a wood to the point where any one wood is too small, and, by requiring the purchasers to enter into acovenant, we prevent them from doing so either.

Finding New Owners

Tiny campfire

We aim to find owners who will be careful and respectful with their land and who share our philosophy.

On our website we go to a lot of trouble to provide a wide range of information and guidance including reading materials, Woodlands tv, and blog posts, and the list is constantly being added to and brought up to date.
We believe that owners benefit greatly from contact with other owners, and for this reason we have sponsored the administration of the Small Woodland Owners Group, open to all those owning or interested in owning a small woodland, whether purchased from ourselves or not.
Angus builds a log cabin
We hope to meet you at one of the Regional Wood Fairs at which we have a stand
For details on how to get in touch with us, please see our contact details page.

Company name: Woodland Investment Management Limited, registered in England and Wales
Company number: 1705939
Registered Office: 19 Half Moon Lane, London, SE24 9JU