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  • Nov 2 13:  Richard Scholfield  from Woodlands.co.uk and John Davies from American preservation organization Wildlands Network discuss rewilding - the challenges and benefits of returning destroyed ecosystems to their original state. The Voice of Russia, Eco Plus show.  Listen to the replay.
  • Aug 7 13: Woods are in safe hands with Peter. Peter Branch's work to bring new wildlife to Kennel Wood impresses his neighbours. Northwich Guardian.
  • Jul-Sep 13: If you go down the woods today. Two schools in the South East, Rake and St Mark's, experiment by moving the classroom to the woods and see creativity, self-confidence and love of nature blossom. Creative Teaching and Learning magazine.
  • May 13: Watching the pennies. Buy a woodland and see your investment grow in front of your eyes. Yours magazine.
  • Mar 13: Owning your own woodland.  Buying woodland for recreation and firewood is good news for the countryside. Countryfile.
  • Feb 13: Is a pension worth it?  Eight investments including woodlands assessed for their performance over twenty years.  Reader's Digest.


  • Dec 12: Your own neck of the woods.  Helping improve the habitat and discovering new interests are main reasons why you could consider owning a woodland. Woodworking Plans & Projects, Issue 75.
  • Nov 12: Ash disease and the woodlanders.  As they face the potential loss of ash trees in their woods, woodland owners see themselves more as custodians. Observer magazine, 11 Nov 12.
  • Oct 12:  What if you could own your own woodland?  Chris Colley on how he came to own a woodland and what it takes to become a woodland steward. Jim Hawkins in the morning. BBC Radio Shropshire, 23 Oct 12.
  • Aug 12: Buy yourself a slice of nature: people wanting to see a return on their investment should seriously consider buying their own woodland and buy soon, before prices surge.  Sunday Telegraph, Life 12 Aug 12.
  • Aug 12: Rush to plant trees questioned: the drive to plant millions of trees across rural England needs a rethink as it may divert attention from the real priorities facing woodlands today. Home Farmer, Aug 12.
  • May 12: Access to woodland boost for Rake pupils: A school in West Sussex takes the classroom to the woods and pupils reap the benefits. The Post 12 May 12.
  • Mar 12: Buy a woodland for weekend breaks:  Property section of London's foremost daily explores the many benefits of woodland ownership. Evening Standard 28 Mar, pp 20-21 and The Independent 31 Mar 12.
  • Mar 12:  Wooded bliss: Be Happy's magazine first issue offers advice on how to buy a woodland and ... be happy. Be Happy magazine Mar 2012
  • Mar 12:  Whittling: David Alty and Dan Watson, whittling experts from Woodlands.co.uk explain step by step, how to turn a piece of young wood into a kitchen spoon and a butter spread knife. Home Farmer Whittling
  • Jan 2012: . Why people buy small woods and what to do with them. Buying a woodland is not a short term financial investment for most small woodland buyers. A woodland is priceless. Quarterly Journal of Forestry


  • Dec 2011: Owning and managing your own tract of woodland. Being closely involved in the management of their small woodland has helped people in their quest for “a good life”. Home Farmer magazine Jan 12.
  • Nov 2011: If you go down the woods today... More people are going back to nature in their own woodlands and they come from all walks of life. An opera singer, a psychoterapist and a teacher tell Saga magazine whether this has paid off. Saga
  • Oct 7 2011: Jonathan Creasey of Woodlands.co.uk talks to Scotland’s leading countryside programme about the growing number of families who have bought their own piece of woodland. A family shares their experience . BBC 2 Scotland, Landward series.
  • Oct and Jun 2011: Into the wild, wild woods: Woodlands.co.uk survey reveals people’s passion for preserving flora and fauna, such as a Kent couple who love their bees. Exquisite magazine.
  • Aug 31 2011: Wood heating lets you stay warm all winter: the wood alternatives to high heating bills, including wood from your own woodland. Daily Telegraph.
  • Aug 9 2011: Buy a wood and make a pile: Actor Mackenzie Crook talks about why he bought his Essex woodland and how he enjoys it. High50.com.
  • Jul 21 2011: Dan Watson of Woodlands.co.uk interviewed about the growing number of people seeking to own a piece of haven for conservation and enjoyment. Woodland owners explain what it’s like. BBC Breakfast News.
  • Jul 22 2011: Carving a future from your own woodland: how you can make a living out of your woodland with the right skills. BBC on line.
  • Jul 18 2011: Matt Marples of Woodlands.co.uk describes owners of woodlands more as guardians than owners and why this is good for the environment and good for people. BBC Northampton.
  • Jul 14 2011: Wooded bliss... the ultimate retirement plan? A West Sussex owner finds true enjoyment in her conservation efforts. Waitrose Weekend.
  • Jun 12 2011: Second-home seekers take to the trees: Britons are buying woodland to find refuge from modern stress. The Sawyers explain how owning a woodland has transformed their lives. Sunday Times.
  • Jun 16 2011: Daniel Sharp of Woodlands.co.uk discusses the long term view of woodland ownership. Owners interviewed. BBC Gloucestershire.


  • June 2009: Angus Hanton interviewed about how Woodlands.co.uk started, the market for woodlands and democratising forestry. Living Woods magazine.
  • May 3 2009: Branching out: Why buying a few acres of woodland is a great way to get back to nature. Sunday Times.
  • Nov 14 2008: Cumbria's Woodlands a Popular Buy - Northern England Regional Manager Dan Watson talks about the joys of small woodland ownership. Cumberland News.
  • Mar 22 2008: Britain’s woodland sector: the new hedge-funds: Why buying woodland could be an increasingly interesting move. Timesonline.
  • Oct 4 2007: Sanctuaries for Sale : Small woodland ownership can benefit the environment if approached with a sense of responsibility. The Guardian.
  • Oct 25 2007: Owning a plot of forest isn't just for the wealthy: Small woodland ownership discussed with examples from our buyers of what you can do in your own wood. The Independent.

Articles of general interest:

  • British Tree Week: Best woodland walks: Become a forest lover enjoying the beauty of forests in the autumn. Telegraph.co.uk, October 2011.
  • Working Together, Individually - First published in Winter 2008 of Smallwoods, the journal of the Small Woods Association, and published here with their kind permission. The SWA can offer help and advice in setting up a woodland group.