03.01.2008 Woodlands.co.uk on the BBC

On December 28th 2007, BBC breakfast news aired a feature on small woodland ownership which highlighted customers of Woodlands.co.uk.

Tracy and Mike Pepler, who have bought woodland from Woodlands.co.uk,
said that their wood was useful for “growing extra timber, great for
wildlife” and “great to get away from the desk and contribute to looking
after the environment.”

Angus Hanton, Director of Woodlands.co.uk says “Woodland sales are
increasing because people are becoming more aware of our countryside and
our environment. Our typical owners are buying not for what they can
take out of the woodland, but they're buying for what they can put into
their woodland and the countryside.”

Your own woodland is unlikely to make you rich but as Tracy and Mike
say, “...owning a wood is an investment for the soul.”

3 January 2008
Click here for a link to the BBC video