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One million viewers go wild for Woodlands TV

Woodlands.co.uk celebrates today the millionth viewer to their dedicated TV channel showing over one hundred videos of woodland activities.  Started up in 2009, the site’s popularity has grown dramatically, now hitting a daily average of 2000 visitors from all over the UK as well as from as far afield as the USA, Brazil and Australia.

Originally created to help people thinking of buying their own woodland make an informed decision, Woodlands TV has expanded its offer to a huge range of topics.   Filmed live out in the woods, the films cover wildlife, bushcraft, forestry skills, survival basics - every aspect of woodland life. Skills such as flint knapping, horse logging, campfire cooking and coppicing are taught step-by-step by Woodlands.co.uk experts. Many of the films also have a humorous take on living a woodland life (if only for a weekend) and offer light-hearted and practical suggestions.  A few films are not for the squeamish, featuring how to survive in the wild and live off local plants and animals.

Producers Josef Pitura-Riley and David Riley of Dulwich Studios say: “Our videos take people straight out into the woods to learn from outdoor experts some of the oldest and most practical skills known to man.  The content is live, it’s often raw and above all, it’s educational and inspiring.  For most people, they may be the easiest way to reconnect with nature from the comfort of their homes.”

To celebrate the milestone, Woodlands TV has selected the five most popular videos in the last 365 days:

Chainsaw sharpening - How to sharpen which chainsaw

Bushcraft skills - Building survival shelters in woodland

Making a walking stick - How to make a walking stick from hazel

How to make a hurdle with hazel and hand tools

How to make roof shingles using hand tools

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