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28.3.2007 New website launched

New look for Woodlands.co.uk

Woodlands.co.uk, the market leader in the sale of amenity woodlands, is celebrating its 20th anniversary year with a smart, professional and, we hope, easier to use, new website.

Since the business was founded, Woodlands.co.uk has grown from a “kitchen table” enterprise into a nationwide business which sells 100 woods a year. The woodlands.co.uk website is central to the business as its shop window and has just undergone a major redesign.

“We are not just a business; we are passionate about the conservation of British woodland.” says Angus Hanton, Director. “I firmly believe that putting woods back into the hands of individuals and families who have bought them because they love them is the best way to ensure the preservation of those natural woodlands which are such a feature of the British landscape.”

“We are also aware that, in what is still a fairly new sector, people buying their first wood welcome the reassurance and guidance we can give them. To this end we have greatly increased the content of the website, giving plenty of information on how to buy a wood, what you can do once you’ve bought it and where you can turn for help when you need it. We hope that our new website will be somewhere people will go not only when they are buying a wood, but somewhere they will return to regularly for information.”

28 March 2007

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