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09.10.2008 WoodlandsTV Launched

Learn some of the tricks of the trade with WoodlandsTV. Television in the woods? What’s the reception like? Not quite – Woodlands.co.uk have got together with Dulwich Studios to produce a series of short films you can find at www.woodlandstv.co.uk and on YouTube.

View demonstrations of everything from hedge laying to using a Kelly kettle, from making hazel spars for thatching to making a walking stick, and from coppicing to track maintenance. The list of topics is being extended all the time.

As small woodland ownership becomes ever more popular, there is a growing demand for information to fill the gaps for non-specialist foresters or for those who just want to spend their weekends outdoors learning new skills. This is something we are very aware of at Woodlands.co.uk and Woodlands TV aims to raise awareness of just how rich an experience owning woodland can be.

Woodlands.co.uk, the market leader in the sale of amenity woodlands, has been selling small woodlands for over 20 years. Since the business was founded in 1987, Woodlands.co.uk has grown from a “kitchen table” enterprise into a nationwide business which sells more than 100 woods a year.

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