What owners say

One day at a SWOG meeting our Woodlands TV crew rolled up, so we asked the owners to tell the cameras why they had bought their woodland, and what it means to them. Here is the film....

Sometimes owners of woodlands send blog posts to us.

Three years ago, Gordon and Enid, aged seventy, decided to buy a small, mainly conifer woodland:
Owning A Wood - The First Few Weeks

Six months later Gordon, an experienced chain saw user, faced the challenge of removing just a few of the conifers himself:
Owning A Wood - Six Months On

Another retired couple found a woodland to suit them in Somerset:
Owning Regis Wood

Mike and Jill are exploring their seven and a half acres of Welsh hillside:
Coed Gelli Uchaf - an update

And a word from Martin Garwood, in Kent -
‘We bought Crow Wood in August 2005 and it has proved to be one of the best things we have ever done. For me it is a chance to put a lifelong interest in birds and wildlife into a practical project, improving the wood for nature through coppicing, planting and habitat improvement. It's great exercise too. With the family it's just great to be able to be outside and sit around the campfire watching the seasons change.
‘We had 20 friends over last mid summer evening for a woodland banquet and have camped out for several nights, listening to tawny owls and foxes. It's been good too to meet other woodland owners in Old Park Wood and share ideas. We have just begun to put this on a more organised basis and have set up an owners’ association as a way of getting owners closer together. Having our own little bit of Kentish woodland has proved a wonderful experience. Every time I go through the gate into the wood I can’t help but smile to myself.’