Bronze Age Knife Forging

By woodlandstv

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Simon Bowbar from Prehistoric Bronze explains the bronze forging process of creating a prehistoric knife. This specialist skill is rarely practised in the modern day and gives us insight into the life of our Iron Age ancestors.

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Very cool video great craftsmanship

Mountain View Turning

October 25, 2019

That was a very interesting video. I wonder how well a bronze knife will take an edge and hold it. You have inspired me to try this. ATB.

Fascinating. Glad there’s people doing this. Great video.

Aaron Seiler

October 25, 2019

Please tell these guys to make a YouTube channel. I'd watch their stuff like crazy!


October 25, 2019

Always good to see you at the shows !!
Keep it up .. Bob (experience the iron age }

Robert Clarke

November 22, 2019

If I understood correctly, we have a group trying to recapture the skills in a few years, that took hundreds of years driven by necessity. Worthwhile? Definitely! The way humanity is going, we will soon need all the help we can get.

Mergrew 01

December 17, 2019

Does he have a YouTube channel?

Man of the north

February 22, 2020

Love that perspective


March 30, 2020