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Survival Skills – The Rule Of 3s in Outdoor Survival video ~ by WoodlandsTV

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www.woodlands.co.uk Know your rule of 3s. The Rule of Three's can help your chances of survival. Practice bushcraft skills to combat exposure, dehydration, and starvation. Sean Collins runs through the Rule of 3's and explains the importance of each and the steps you can take. He also demonstrates a handy water container for use in woodlands.

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Skorpija BG
February 17, 2017

the greatest ideas that I have had was with the Micaden Survive System (just google it) definately the most incredible preppers i've tried.

Dan non
March 4, 2017

so if find my self lost in the woods or a jungle.. i must remember to breathe and to bring a huge plastic bag of water.


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