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Billet Wood bluebells

by stephen sangster ~ 2 June, 2016 ~ comments welcome

Pine Resin and many uses for woodland pine

by WoodlandsTV ~ 14 September, 2011 ~ 39 comments

In the final part of his look at the pine tree, Sean considers the dead or dying pine and how it still continues to be a resource for survival. Pine resin has plenty of uses for the bushcrafter, and Sean describes how to find , store, and use it.

Pine needles and pine cones for bushcraft

by WoodlandsTV ~ 8 August, 2011 ~ 59 comments

The pine tree has a lot to offer the bushcraft enthusiast from a source of vitamin C to a colander! In the first of 3 films, survival expert Sean Collins demonstrates the uses of pine needles and cones in a woodland setting. In subsequent programmmes he talks about pine string and uses for a dead pine tree.

Managing woodland for fuel and diversity

by WoodlandsTV ~ 20 October, 2010 ~ comments welcome

Woodland owner Mike Pepler describes how wood can be a sustainable source of fuel without damaging the widlife. woodlands.co.uk

Urban Forestry with woodlands.co.uk – A London Plane Tree

by WoodlandsTV ~ 8 July, 2010 ~ 7 comments

When a 200 year old London plane tree is felled, it’s race against time to save the valuable wood from the chipper. woodlands.co.uk

Wild Clematis or Old Man’s Beard – woodland plant

by WoodlandsTV ~ 3 July, 2010 ~ 4 comments

Clematis Vitalba can be good indicator of chalky soil – last in the series.

Tanglewood – birch, hazel, hawthorn and ..rabbits

by WoodlandsTV ~ 28 June, 2010 ~ 5 comments

An area of tangled wood grew from an event some 50 years ago. Julian explains how it affected part of his wood.

Native Field Maple

by WoodlandsTV ~ 16 June, 2010 ~ 4 comments

How to recognise the attractive field maple, often confused with the hawthorn. It grows most commonly in the south of England on chalky soils

Bonus Feature – Douglas Fir

by WoodlandsTV ~ 27 May, 2010 ~ 2 comments

Identifying the Douglas Fir by smell

Valuing Trees

by WoodlandsTV ~ 17 May, 2010 ~ 8 comments

Julian discusses the factors which affect the value of trees. woodlands.co.uk

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