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Building a wooden bridge in woodlands

by mikepepler ~ 29 April, 2012 ~ 173 comments

Mike and Tracy Pepler organised this volunteer project to build a bridge that would be strong enough for a car to drive over.  The bridge was built of timbers from the woodland itself and the volunteers were from the EWB UK unit at Imperial College in London.

Moving logs by trailer bike

by mikepepler ~ 20 January, 2012 ~ 38 comments

Mike Pepler demonstrates how to move firewood using a trailer bike.  His bicycle has some battery power which helps with hills and he can carry 50kg of logs from his woodland using this trailer and bike.

How to make charcoal – making charcoal with a charcoal burner

by WoodlandsTV ~ 11 October, 2011 ~ 23 comments

www.woodlands.co.uk Want to make charcoal? What is a charcoal burner? Where does barbecue charcoal come from? Woodlands TV visit a charcoal burn using a ring kiln. They look at the sources of wood, moving the chimneys, what happens inside a charcoal burner, and grading the charcoal. An atmospheric film with lots of smoke and steam in a woodland setting. www.woodlands.co.uk

Upside down fire

by WoodlandsTV ~ 21 July, 2011 ~ 20 comments

An upside down fire offers several advantages in a woodland setting which survival expert Sean Collins demonstrates. He also offers tips on using a fire steel and answers that perennial problem - why does the smoke always seem to blow towards me?

Wild Clematis or Old Man’s Beard – woodland plant

by WoodlandsTV ~ 3 July, 2010 ~ 2 comments

Clematis Vitalba can be good indicator of chalky soil - last in the series. http://woodlands.co.uk

Fuel From Your Woodland – seasoning fire wood

by WoodlandsTV ~ 26 May, 2010 ~ 11 comments

Wood makes a great fuel for heating your house as it's sustainable. Professor Julian Evans shows us his log pile and talks about the species of wood which burn well.

The Edge Effect

by WoodlandsTV ~ 24 July, 2009 ~ 8 comments

Julian Evans returns to the screen again this time to explain the edge effect on woodland tracks.

Why Buy A Woodland?

by WoodlandsTV ~ 15 April, 2009 ~ 25 comments

Many people wonder why you should buy a woodland so we asked some of the members of the Small Woodlands Owner Group why they bought their woods.

Building Shelters

by WoodlandsTV ~ 10 February, 2009 ~ 112 comments

Need a shelter in the woods? Ashley shows how to make them quickly, using whatever comes to hand. Another in the Survival series from WoodlandsTV and Dulwich Studios

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