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Woodlands Photo Library tag search - bark

Branch Sculpted by Honeysuckle

 Ash Bishops Mitre

 Ash Twig and Buds

 Bracket Fungus

 Bracket Fungus

 Green Algae on Bark

 Ivy on Trunk

 Ivy on Trunk

 Lichen on Tree Trunk


 Lime Bark

Moss on Log

Moss on Trunk

Birch Bark

Oak Bole

Oak Bole

Orange Alga

Pine Tree Trunk

Bracket Fungus

Bracket Fungus on Log

Horse Chestnut Girdle Scar

Dead Tree Root

Bluebells and Branch

Tree Trunk


Wood in Spring

Bark and Wood

Moss Covered Tree

Moss Covered Tree

Yemhow Wood

Ash Bark

Bracket Fungi

Gnarled and Twisted Trees

Tree Trunk looking like a Face

A Sad Face in a Tree

Smiling Tree

Eyes in a Tree

Tree Face

Tree with a Facial Side Profile

Face in a Tree Trunk

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