Early Medieval timber work

By woodlandstv

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A look at early medieval wood work techniques with evidence from documents, and archaeological finds. A team from the East Sussex Archaeology and Museums Partnership demonstrate their skillls in turning round logs into square timber. http://woodlands.co.uk

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Quite amazing how much information is packed into a bare five minutes! Excellent video.

Andrea Kirkby

July 25, 2018

White Shirt Dude is a touch chunky, so he must not do this regularly. It looks like good cardio. If he keeps it up, maybe he'll be more poplar with the ladies.

Snarky User

July 31, 2018

That's why traditional builders were very particular about which trees were cut for use. Straight trees, squared of around, with the pith running down the middle dry remarkably straight. Also, because most of the rings are cut through at the edges, it reduces checking.

Splitting a twisty log and planking it causes all sorts of problems when it dries. This is what happens with modern timber. Cut it fast roughly, kiln dry it, plane the kinda straight ones to regular size and shape. Mangled ones go elsewhere: lath, pallets, OSB, etc.

Snarky User

July 31, 2018

Technically not true. If used as beams the wood can be incredibly green and not warp as it dries due to the fact that the heart of the tree is still there in the center. The reason boards tend to warp is because they are cut from the sides of the log. It may develop a few small cracks as it dries but its still perfectly fine.

Cody .Ramer

March 17, 2019

Nothing like watching idiots in shorts swinging an axe at their legs

Hobbit Homes

March 27, 2019

Looking at this make me not look at cut down logs as "logs"; I now see them as planks! Thanks..

brandon crawford

June 18, 2019

Careful with that axe Eugene

Anthony Maurice

October 4, 2019

Christopher Forsberg it’s not dangerous as long as you know what you doing and you use the correct technique it’s perfectly safe in fact I use axes all the time and I’m not dead!

John Lamb

October 6, 2019

Anthony Maurice he knows what he’s doing he’s trained how to use an axe Safely

John Lamb

October 6, 2019

@John Lamb it's a Pink Floyd song

Anthony Maurice

October 6, 2019


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