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How to Make Trugs ~ by WoodlandsTV

By woodlandstv

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Dominic Parrette deftly demonstrates how to make trugs using sweet chestnut and white willow. There are only a handful of professional trug makers working in the UK - Dominic and fellow expert Pete Marden use traditional trug making techniques here at the Hermonceux Truggery in East Sussex.

Posted in: Uncategorised ~ On: 22 February, 2014

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Jon Perez
February 27, 2019

@ Major General Robert Clive your comment should be the number one comment in this feed.  As an American judging by the image for the video, I had feeling it was a basket.  But from a cultural standpoint I thoroughly appreciated all the polite passive aggressiveness.  It was as though you were saying we don't complain like Americans, we just appreciate the fact that it is what it is.  Although as far as baskets go…how well do these hold up over time?

Uncle Fudd, Elmer
February 27, 2019

Ma Belle .. a “drawknife” or “draw-knife”. Used for centuries to shape, carve & plane any wood type to size. Come in several sizes up to about 2 ft. for full width logs, used for log cabin building. And down to pencil shaping size , 2 inches. Also handy for leather crafting but the handles are turned up 45-90 degrees which facilitates ‘pushing’ away opposed to ‘drawing’ or pulling towards the user. I hope this helps Ma ? Uncle Fudd

123 123
February 27, 2019

Its a freaking basket .

Uncle Fudd, Elmer
February 27, 2019

Roxanne Rolls … Not so Ma’am. You must know how to use/operate the power tool in order accomplish your preferred outcome. Try it once? Ya just might’ve missed your true calling ⁉️ Enjoy, uncle Fudd

Uncle Fudd, Elmer
February 27, 2019

Two real craftsmen here folks Trugs , I gather , may be used for measuring volume & maybe weight of products to be sold at markets? Anyone know for certain ? It’s a blessing to realize your God-given talents while you have time left in your life to put them to good use.

tom thompson
February 27, 2019

thats the first ive seen a trug ,,,, think ive been out with a few , so had to skip to the end to check lol
very interesting though

Камен Крайчев
February 28, 2019

Leon Allan Davis
February 28, 2019

How to make drugs?
Oh, wait…it's "trugs"!
Alrighty, then…
Made from sweet chestnuts and white willow…
Do you smoke it, snort it, or inject it?
I didn't watch the video to find out…

Sriramamurthy A.
March 1, 2019

I liked the knife used to shape the wood and foot operated wooden clap to hold the same. I learnt a word for the basket made out of wood. In India baboo used to make baskets in variety of shapes.

Mark Chaplain
March 2, 2019

Awesome, would like to see more instruction than yapping though !!

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