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Growing A Woodland: Ten Years In

by WoodlandsTV ~ 6 November, 2020 ~ one comment

Pam Macdonald introduces us to her now ten-year-old woodland at Higher Druid Wood on the edge of Dartmoor, showcasing the different species and reasons for growing, including carbon capture, climate resilience, creating a wildlife corridor, increased biodiversity, soil replenishment, and edible produce. It's surprising how tall trees can grow in only ten years!

Thanks to Pam Macdonald at Higher Druid Wood.
Film by Jemma Cholawo: www.jemmacholawo.com

Growing a Woodland: Spiral of Oaks

by WoodlandsTV ~ 23 October, 2020 ~ one comment

After learning about how trees communicate with each other in the book 'The Hidden Life of Trees', nurseryman Philip Nieuwoudt was inspired to plant a little oak woodland on a corner of his land in South Devon, so that the trees could talk to each other. As a creative person who spends his days growing multi-stem ornamental trees for landscape designers, Philip decided to plant his oaks in a spiral, so that hundreds of years from now, they might be seen from above and wondered at by anyone flying past... It's also an example of a healthy seven-year-old woodland in a meadow rich with unexpected biodiversity.

Thanks to Philip Nieuwoudt at New Wood Trees: www.newwoodtrees.co.uk
Film by Jemma Cholawo: www.jemmacholawo.com

Owning a Woodland with the Family

by WoodlandsTV ~ 16 October, 2020 ~ comments welcome

In this film, we visit the Morton family – Andy, Jane, and five-year-old Thomas – to ask how they use the woodland and what each of them loves most about being in their woods. With plenty of imagination and hard work, they've used the space and its abundant natural resources to create opportunities for a range of activities with different groups of people: building beautiful structures, shelters and a private family cabin for overnight stays; as a resource for forest school activities and running craft courses; using wood, water and clay from the land; being with friends and meeting other young families, and as a special place where they can simply be together, with everything they need to be comfortable away from home. What would you do with a woodland of your own?

A film for Woodlands TV by Jemma Cholawo at Sallerton Wood. www.jemmacholawo.com www.sallertonwood.org.uk

Soapy Nuts: Laundry Detergent From Conkers

by WoodlandsTV ~ 9 October, 2020 ~ comments welcome

In this video Steve shows us how to make Soapy nuts!

With thanks to Steve Sangster for sharing this video, check out his other videos and one on his ancient woodland restoration in Kent at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWHO95HX5KJ-4Dc44UJqrLg

How to Make Dandelion Honey

by WoodlandsTV ~ 2 October, 2020 ~ comments welcome

In this video Steve and his family make Dandelion Honey!

With thanks to Steve Sangster for sharing this video, check out his other videos and one on his ancient woodland restoration in Kent at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWHO95HX5KJ-4Dc44UJqrLg

Concord Clarinets

by WoodlandsTV ~ 18 September, 2020 ~ one comment

If you go down to the woods today, you might hear the lively sound of clarinets on the breeze – at least, if you're in some woods sold by Woodlands.co.uk somewhere near Bristol Airport... The Concord Clarinets are a group of musicians who meet to play for fun and to perform at events. Here, we are treated to a performance in the woods of Clare Hayes, of the timeless classic Teddybear's Picnic.

With thanks to The Concord Clarinets
A film for WoodlandsTV by Jemma Cholawo

Kuksa Carving with Andy Morton

by WoodlandsTV ~ 28 August, 2020 ~ comments welcome

How to make a Kuksa with woodlandsTV and Andy Morton.
A kuksa is a traditional Scandinavian drinking bowl or cup, and in the dappled sunlight of Sallerton Wood in West Devon, Andy Morton shows us how to make one!

Thanks to Andy Morton at Sallerton Wood: www.sallertonwood.org.uk
Film by Jemma Cholawo: www.jemmacholawo.com

Matt Calder: Artist in Wood

by WoodlandsTV ~ 21 August, 2020 ~ comments welcome

East Devon artist and musician Matt Calder turns sculptural forms using spalted beech and sycamore, inspired by his experience of Japanese ceramics. Matt has a particular passion for "things inside things inside things..." originally inspired by his wife's pregnancy, and in this film he makes an egg form.

A film by Jemma Cholawo with music by Matt Calder.
www.jemmacholawo.com & www.calderart.co.uk

Hutter’s Rally

by WoodlandsTV ~ 14 August, 2020 ~ comments welcome

Earlier in the year WoodlandsTV attended the Hutter's Rally in Dundee, a day of celebration from Reforesting Scotland, the organisation that were the origins of the hutter's movement. The day celebrated all things hutting related, axes to build your own hut with, real life hutter's stories and how to get into it and own your own hut.

To learn more please visit https://reforestingscotland.org/who-we-are/

With thanks to the Hutter's Rally and Reforesting Scotland

Inside The Ancient Technology Centre

by WoodlandsTV ~ 7 August, 2020 ~ comments welcome

WoodlandsTV made a visit to the Ancient Technology Centre, an Outdoor Education Centre operated by Dorset Council providing authentic historical experiences. This film explores how the centre began, how the land is kept today and the importance of learning through nature.

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