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Deerstalking in the Woodlands ~ by WoodlandsTV

By woodlandstv

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Sam and his wife Roxy explain the reasons for deer stalking in woodland management.

Posted in: Uncategorised ~ On: 23 January, 2017

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Bulgarian Smallholding
January 24, 2017

The big question is, did you make a kill or not? If you shoot for the meat, where do you butcher it, in the field or transport it to another place?

Joe Lastlight
January 26, 2017

Takes girlfriend on first ever stalk,she gets soaking wet and he gets her in his sleeping bag,Apex predator indeed,nice one Sam.Good video.

February 7, 2017

Brilliant video. I love seeing deer but I do understand the need for killing for conservation and all the better when the meat isn't getting wasted. You can't beat time spent in the great outdoors. Thank you for this video.

Benedict Maher
February 12, 2017

Fallow are introduced, not native

Jonathan Gray
April 24, 2017

Did anyone else seethe deer at 5:03????

Colin Astley
May 13, 2017

I find it strange that as soon as the words none native come about, destructive always follows. Just across the Sea where Sika Deer are Native (Japan) how come they do not destroy the habitat there? Same Trees.
Did you know that when the Deer (ALL SPECIES) eat tree seeds, some pass through un digested. Guess what happens when then deer goes for a poop??? Yep you guesed it a young tree will grow. Sika Deer are awesome for spreading Maples.
I have no problem with people hunting for food and keeping a healthy balance wih in nature. But please stop using the term destructive just to justify shooting them.
When animals are introduced, it just temporarily changes the eco system then it evolves and adapts.
You think the Deer have destroyed Trees? What about trees cleared for roads,houses,schools,supermarkets etc You gonna start wacking all them builders aswell using your terminology?
Just be honest, you enjoy shooting deer. enough said.

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