Volunteer Project Week at Cherry Wood

By woodlandstv

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The Cherry Wood Project is a sustainable woodland management project. This film shows what goes on during ‘Project Week’ here in the woodland, where volunteers come together to help construct, build and learn about woodland management using permaculture principles. Find out more about the project here: https://cherrywoodproject.co.uk/about/

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love this 🙂


January 3, 2020

Using a chainsaw with no protective equipment is not really leading by example or inspiring is it.

David Moore

January 3, 2020

People need to get on with things I am not a green . But I bo think we all could chill out. And just love life . Sp just keep doing the things you are doing. Ps keep it up

Derek Johnston

January 3, 2020

Sorry I did not have my speck on

Derek Johnston

January 3, 2020

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