How to Make a Bushcraft Candlestick

By woodlandstv

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Learn how to make a quick and easy bushcraft candlestick. In this video Annette Stickler will show you what wood to use, how to cut safely and how to construct your own candlestick, so that you can enjoy your woodland by candlelight.

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November 1, 2019

If it dose not stick out the back end the candle is not secure enough .


November 1, 2019

1:27 We call that a crafting table


November 1, 2019


John Grytbakk

November 1, 2019

Lovely. What a pleasant video. I would definitely reproduce this idea. Thank you Ms. Stickler! Enjoy the fall! ✨

Marsan Alpin

November 1, 2019

Nice but check out Nagualero he did it first

GS Pablo

November 1, 2019

frough somfick fwee CWAAAFTS fucking shoot me in the head, mini quirky cwafts, woo hoo! camping ya yay, nat-e-ral he he he

rabbid man

November 1, 2019

ill try this out. A very good peice of work

Brian Outdoors

November 6, 2019

Your videos are great and inspiring to me, I'm a new subscriber.

Thanks for sharing your skills and knowledge!

primitive and ancient

November 7, 2019

lol at your "baton" your "natural tool" , is whats known as a shillelagh , or cudgel in Ireland .


January 18, 2020

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