SOLD: Mayflower Meadow £95,000 Freehold


Mayflower Meadow: A Legacy in the Making

In a quiet corner of North-East Somerset, just a whisper away from the village of Clandown, lies Mayflower Meadow - a tranquil parcel of land with a soulful connection to the pastoral traditions of Bowlditch Farm. This east-facing pasture, once a bastion of hay and livestock, now beckons those with a vision for woodland creation and conservation to bring their dreams to life.

The Landscape and Its Legacy

The UK’s varied countryside is rich with pastureland, a testament to the enduring legacy of livestock farming. Yet, as the world turns its gaze to the future, the call for diversification grows louder. Mayflower Meadow is ideally suited to such a transformation; a canvas where undiversified grasslands can flourish into nascent woodlands, enhancing habitats for wildlife, purifying the air, and sequestering carbon in our collective quest against climate change. With the cessation of grazing, nature has already begun to reclaim its space, with various wildflowers dotting the meadow and perimeter, heralding a new era of growth.

Topography and Access

The land is accessed via a field gate directly from the public highway and an area of hardstanding is located at the entrance, allowing for year-round vehicular parking. The meadow has a very gentle gradient which runs from west to east, although would generally be described as being flat in nature. The westernmost point, slightly elevated, offers sweeping views of the surrounding hills; a panorama that captures the heart and soul of Somerset. Overall, the land has a roughly triangular shape.

Boundaries and Biodiversity

The meadow’s edges are marked by a mix of colour coded stakes and mature hedgerows, the latter providing vital habitats for local fauna. The presence of the occasional rabbit, along with the regular sightings of deer and hares, makes Mayflower Meadow and important hub for wildlife. Conservation efforts here can take many forms, from passive rewilding to active tree planting, supported by generous grant schemes that cover the costs of saplings, guards and stakes. The land’s aspect and conditions are ideal for the establishment of a new, enchanting woodland.

A Vision for the Future

Mayflower Meadow is an escape from the everyday life, a place where one can craft a legacy that will endure for generations. It is a call to those who seek solace in nature and the satisfaction of nurturing a project that will grow alongside them.

Finding Mayflower Meadow

To find the land, go to the junction of Broadway Lane and Water Lane to the west of the village of Clandown. Here you will see a “Planting Land for Sale” beside a stoned splay in front of the main access gate, please park here. With care, climb the gate and Mayflower Meadow is immediately on your right-hand side.

The purchasers of the meadow will be asked to enter into a covenant to ensure the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of adjoining woodlands and meadows.


A magnificent field Oak can be found in the Western hedgerow. The old English oak (Quercus Robur), is often regarded as the ruling majesty of the woods, holding a special place in culture, history, and hearts. It is one of Britain’s most iconic trees and supports more life than any other native tree species in the UK.


Deer and hares are a regualr sight, along with the presence of the occasional rabbit. Buzzards can be spotted overhead along with a plethora of other birds. Butterflies and bees grace the grassland and hedgerows in the summer months.


- Rich with potential for tree planting and woodland creation

- Excellent location, within easy reach of Bath and Bristol

- Good access directly from the public highway

- Mature hedgerow boundaries on two sides

- Excellent access to local walking routes

- Tree planting grants widely available

Access, tracks and footpaths

This Meadow comes with freehold title and is accessed directly from the public highway, providing year round access. There is a public footpath which crosses the western section of the land, which is fenced off with a stock proof fence. A field gate allows for access through this fence to the far corner of the meadow.

Local area and history

Clandown: A Historical Tapestry Woven in Coal and Stone

The Village’s Mining Heritage Clandown, once the heartbeat of the Somerset Coalfield, stands as a testament to the industrious spirit that fuelled the region. Established in the early 19th century, the village’s original colliery was a cornerstone of local industry, opening its shafts in 1811. For over a century and a half, the mines thrived, with the last of the pits drawing to a close in the twilight of the 1960s. Today, Clandown lies equidistant between The Cotswolds AONB and the Mendip Hills AONB.

Bowlditch Quarry A stone’s throw from the village lies Bowlditch Quarry, a SSSI. Only 0.25 hectares in size, the quarry is a geological marvel, offering a window into the Earth’s distant past. It is renowned as a “classic site” that presents an extraordinary sequence of strata, tracing the geological timeline from the Rhaetian to the Pliensbachian. This Lias section, with its attenuated and broken succession, serves as a living textbook for biostratigraphic principles, drawing interest from scholars and enthusiasts alike.

Wood maps

This wood is now sold, please do not visit the wood without the permission of the owner.

Find this wood

This wood is now sold, please do not visit the wood without the permission of the owner.


  • OS Landranger: OS No. 172
  • Grid ref: ST 667 559
  • Nearest post code: BA3 2XH
  • GPS coordinates: 51.3015, -2.4767

Location map


Mayflower Meadow is accessed by a metal gate, directly from the public highway, at the junction of Broadway Lane and Water Lane near the village of Clandown in Somerset.

Bath is around a 20 minute drive away to the north east, with Bristol around 40 minutes by car.

Satnav: The nearest available postcode to the meadow is BA3 2XH, but please note that this will not take you to the precise entrance (but about 200m down Crawl Lane to the east).

Click here for Google Maps directions, enter your own postcode, (the location coordinates are already entered), and click on the "Directions" box. This will take you to the roadside gate where the track begins, where you can park.

Coordinates for satnav are: 51.3015, -2.4767 for the metal gate where you will find roadside parking.

What3words reference for main gate: ///signature.tracks.daring

How we support our buyers

Membership of the small woodland owners’ group

EITHER £300 for a woodland course of your choice

OR £300 contribution towards buying trees, tree shelters or stakes

One year's free membership of the royal forestry society

Please note this wood is owned by woodlands.co.uk.

Our regional managers are often out working in our woodlands, so if you email an offer and want to be sure it has been received, please phone our manager on their mobile phone. The first offer at the stated price which is accepted, whether by phone or email, has priority.

Please take care when viewing as the great outdoors can contain unexpected hazards and woodlands are no exception. You should exercise common sense and caution, such as wearing appropriate footwear and avoiding visiting during high winds.

These particulars are for guidance only and, though believed to be correct, do not form part of any contract. Woodland Investment Management Ltd hereby give notice under section 21 of the Estate Agents Act 1979 of their interest in the land being sold.

Mayflower Meadow is a serene parcel of land within easy reach of both Bath and Bristol. With rich agricultural roots and a backdrop of rolling hills, it presents a perfect opportunity for conservation and woodland creation.

Managed by Colin Gordon

Telephone: 07775 726458

Email: [email protected]