Derskelpin Wood £49,000 Freehold


Derskelpin Wood is located in rural Dumfries and Galloway, in an area known as the Machars of Galloway. Formerly a spruce plantation dating from the early 1980's, it was clear-felled about five years ago. Since then it has been allowed to lie fallow allowing nature to return in surprising proliferation. Under the vegetation lies a large area of peat bog: this vitally important resource in the fight against climate change reaches incredible depth, up to 10m has been measured in the locality.

Many small spruce trees have sprung up with a scattering of Scots pine with broadleaf birch and a fair amount of oak. Along the fringes of the wood, drainage channels mark the limits of the peat and are home to emerging willow and bog myrtle. At the northern edge of the wood, the bedrock rises through the peat in a small hillock which gives commanding views over the locality and would be a great location for a hut or a camping platform.

The purchasers of the woodland will be asked to enter into a covenant to ensure the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of adjoining woodlands and meadows.

There is a growing interest in hut, bothy and temporary shelter building, especially in Scotland; for those interested in erecting a hut or shelter, here is some interesting and very helpful guidance from Reforesting Scotland’s Thousand Hut Campaign. Your Local Planning Authority should also be consulted.


The majority of the young trees are Sitka spruce with a scattering of Scots pine. Birch and oak have self-seeded here with willow advancing from the southern end and bog myrtle scattered throughout.

Wild woodland flowers are abundant with foxgloves, furze, stitchwort and campion in evidence. Ferns mosses and wetland grasses cover the landscape with cotton grass and thistles adding tufts of white to the greenery as their seed heads ripen.


On switching one's viewpoint from macro to micro, a hidden world is brought into focus. Although both red and roe deer transit the land the main interest is in the smaller creatures. Frogs and newts breed in the boundary drainage channels and as they mature they venture forth in search of invertebrate sustenance. A large variety of water creatures share these channels with a variety of beetles, including the rarely seen great diving beetle, and the larva of dragonflies and damselflies.


The woodland features a small bedrock knoll with an adjacent hard standing. A rustic bench gives a lookout over the surrounding environs.

Access, tracks and footpaths

Derskelpin Wood is easily accessed from the A75 Dumfries to Stranraer highway and then down a single-track road to the gated entrance. From there, a well-found stone track leads to a well-marked ridestop on the right with a good hardstanding at the top of a small rise.

Rights and covenants

The sporting rights are owned and included in the sale.


A rare opportunity to enter into the life of a woodland at the outset, with the headstart of natural regeneration to embrace future management. Sensitive supplementary planting, especially of native broadleaf species, would shape this woodland for the future and bring wider benefits to the local ecosystem and diversity in general.

An ideal venue for carbon sequestration and diversification of a once mono-cultural landscape, conservation and amenity, a chance to invest in woodland and one's own peace of mind and mental wellbeing.

Local area and history

The local area is known as the Machars of Galloway little known throughout the UK it is a beautiful and tranquil corner of Scotland with thousands of acres of farmland and an easily accessible and extensive coastline.

The northern boundary track lies along the former Dumfries to Stranraer railway line which was closed, with many others, at the behest of Lord Beeching in his swingeing railway reform of 1963.

The wood takes its name from the nearby Derskelpin Moss with its walking, cycling and running facilities.

Wood maps

Wood map


The boundaries of this wood are marked with blue painted-top posts.

Find this wood


  • OS Landranger: OS No. 82
  • Grid ref: NX 283 597
  • Nearest post code: DG8 0DW
  • GPS coordinates: 54.9027, -4.6782

Location map


Derskelpin Wood is just off the A75, 22 miles west of Stranraer and 11 miles east of Newton Stewart.

Satnav: the postcode DG8 0DW is for the point shown by the red dot on the location maps. Satnav coordinates are: N54 54 09 W4 40 22



Click Here for Directions From Bing Maps enter your own postcode, (Derskelpin Wood coordinates are already entered) and click on the blue "Go" box. This will take you to the main entrance gate.

Our Directions:

  • From the west, pass the village of Glenluce on the A75 and continue for about 3.5 miles to a small section of dual carriageway.
  • Turn right through the central area signposted as a minor road junction.
  • Turn right onto the A75 in the opposite direction and take the first left.
  • Continue for about a mile, to the well-marked main entrance gate on the left.
  • Just before the main gate is a small layby on the right, please park safely here and continue on foot.
  • From Newton Stewart on the A75 pass the village of Kirkowan on the left and continue for about 3 miles to a small section of dual carriageway.
  • Pass the large "woodlands for sale" sign and take the minor road to the left.
  • Continue for about a mile, to the well-marked main entrance gate on the left.
  • Just before the main gate is a small layby on the right, please park safely here and continue on foot.
  • Once inside the main gate walk along the track for about 40m, the entrance to the wood is via a well-marked ride stop on the right.

How we support our buyers

Membership of the small woodland owners’ group

£300 for a woodland course of your choice

One year's free membership of the royal forestry society

Please note this wood is owned by woodlands.co.uk.

Our regional managers are often out working in our woodlands, so if you email an offer and want to be sure it has been received, please phone our manager on their mobile phone. The first offer at the stated price which is accepted, whether by phone or email, has priority.

Please take care when viewing as the great outdoors can contain unexpected hazards and woodlands are no exception. You should exercise common sense and caution, such as wearing appropriate footwear and avoiding visiting during high winds.

These particulars are for guidance only and, though believed to be correct, do not form part of any contract. Woodland Investment Management Ltd hereby give notice under section 21 of the Estate Agents Act 1979 of their interest in the land being sold.

A former conifer plantation woodland with burgeoning natural regeneration and ample scope for supplementary planting.

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