Allt Foel-Fawr £225,000 Freehold


Allt Foel-fawr covers varied terrain including some precipitous slopes, particularly in the eastern half of the wood; a rugged and dramatic woodland landscape with spectacular autumn colour and acid green fuzz emerging on the oaks in the spring.

The stream cuts down steeply through the middle of the woodland, running briskly throughout the year, always good for attracting wildlife and useful for campers.

Allt Foel Fawr has the use of two turning circles. The larger area, in the upper half of the wood, has been cut into the slope at the entrance to Allt Foel-fawr and provides a good place to stack timber or a sheltered place to set up camp or sit and enjoy the view through the canopy. You really do feel like you've escaped the world here.

The lower turning circle is smaller but essential, as there is no other option for turning a vehicle along the lower access track. You can see the stream at the bottom of the valley from here, and it is possible to access it from here, although it is quite a scramble. Please take care!

The purchasers of the woodland will be asked to enter into a covenant to ensure the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of adjoining woodlands and meadows.


There is a good diversity of species here but the predominant species is oak, with rowan, birch, sycamore, beech and hazel present, as well as ash.

The south western corner of Allt Foel-fawr, the most elevated part of the woodland, has an area of beech, along with more oak, birch and sycamore; and hazel and goat willow at understory.

Throughout, many species of fern thrive, and bramble in parts, as well as vaccinium in the upper reaches of the woodland, all combining to provide good cover for birds and other wildlife.

There are many wildflowers here too; yellow pimpernel, herb Robert, stately foxglove and cranesbill and lots of honeysuckle winding its way through the trees.


The quantity of birdlife here with accompanying song is fabulous, and woodpecker can be heard drilling for grubs. The wood warbler's distinctive call has been heard, and the song thrush - and there have been sightings of chiffchaff, blackbird, robin and wren.

Many small burrows of woodland mammals can also be seen here, species unconfirmed but likely to include voles and wood mice.


The stream is a great asset for wildlife and runs right through the middle of the woodland. It is a little more difficult to access for two legged creatures.

Access, tracks and footpaths

The first sections of the shared access tracks are easily accessible to a two wheel drive vehicle, with the main entrance opening directly off the main road; however the last part of the tracks up to Allt Foel-fawr are in part extremely steep and also narrow and only suitable for a four wheel drive vehicle.

A lower track gives vehicle access all the way to the smaller turning circle in the lower part of Allt Foel Fawr, at its north/north western corner.

The second higher access track for Allt Foel Fawr, is a left turn off the shared access track just before the entrance to neighbouring wood, Ffawydd Fach. This takes you to the higher and larger stoned turning circle for Allt Foel Fawr.

A public footpath runs from the southwestern corner of Allt Foel-fawr, along its western boundary, crosses through neighbouring wood Coed Telor, and then continues down through neighbouring woodland to the main gate.


Great opportunities for bird and nature watching here and a great opportunity for getting super fit climbing up and down those slopes..!

Local area and history

The reservoir in the valley bottom used to provide water for Carmarthen but has been decommissioned for several years now. Throughout Cwm Tawel small brick structures can be seen, chambers for accessing the network of channels built to carry spring water to the reservoir when it was supplying Carmarthen with water, under the management of the Carmarthen Corporation Water Works in the late 19th C.

Nearby is the Dan-y-Coed Halt, the end of the line of the 4 mile stretch of the Gwili Railway, one of the last few stretches of functioning steam railway in the U.K. The 8 mile round trip takes you through four stations along the picturesque railway line which runs along the Afon Gwili through steeply wooded hillsides.

Wood maps

Wood map


The boundaries of Allt Foel-fawr are marked in mauve paint on wooden marker stakes, trees and fence posts.

Find this wood


  • OS Landranger: OS No. 145
  • Grid ref: SN 389 255
  • Nearest post code: SA33 6TP
  • GPS coordinates: 51.904, -4.343

Location map


From Carmarthen take the A484 north for approximately 5 miles towards Cynwyl Elfed.

After passing Carmarthen Demolition yard (known locally as Barretts) with railway sleepers on the left, look out for the Rock and Fountain Inn (a white building) on the left and a small waney-edge timber clad shed just beyond, with a Woodlands for Sale sign on it, and the entrance gate is immediately between the two on the left.

Turn in carefully and enter the code into the gate lock and wait for the gate to open automatically. It will also close again automatically. (Please contact local manager before your visit for the code).

After a short distance you will come to a locked gate. Please park here, without blocking the gate, and continue on foot.

Follow the track straight ahead and up the hill (passing a gate on the left hand side of the track-ignore this) until the track bends to the left and you come to a third (unlocked) gate with a woodland for sale sign on it. (On your right here, you will see a yellow public footpath marker indicating where the public footpath heads west, along the north bank of the Afon Nant Cwm-tawel.)

Continue through the gate and follow the MIDDLE track straight ahead, not the track to the right.

Continue along this track, up the fairly steep hill and just before the entrance to Cwm Adar directly ahead of you, take the track to your left and follow it to the very top of the hill and on, around the corner, until you come to the entrance to Allt Foel-fawr, marked with a name board and a Woodlands for Sale sign.

Alternatively, once you have come through the third (unlocked) gate, at the bottom of the valley, take the first track on your left and follow this for some distance until you come to the lower turning circle for Allt Foel-fawr. It is at the very end of the track.

PLEASE NOTE: The postcode SA33 6TP takes you about 0.9 miles further along the A484 so, if coming from the south, look out for the entrance before being told you have reached your destination.

How we support our buyers

Membership of the small woodland owners’ group

£300 for a woodland course of your choice

Free copies of our woodland book

One year's free membership of the royal forestry society

Please note this wood is owned by woodlands.co.uk.

Our regional managers are often out working in our woodlands, so if you email an offer and want to be sure it has been received, please phone our manager on their mobile phone. The first offer at the stated price which is accepted, whether by phone or email, has priority.

Please take care when viewing as the great outdoors can contain unexpected hazards and woodlands are no exception. You should exercise common sense and caution, such as wearing appropriate footwear and avoiding visiting during high winds.

These particulars are for guidance only and, though believed to be correct, do not form part of any contract. Woodland Investment Management Ltd hereby give notice under section 21 of the Estate Agents Act 1979 of their interest in the land being sold.

A larger acreage of steep wooded hillsides of diverse mature broadleaf, with a stream running through it.

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