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Cheshire/Midlands/Welsh border


I'm looking for suitable woodland where I could run Bushcraft courses. The very nature of my work is to educate people to respect nature and how to utilise what it gives us to survive comfortably within that environment. Hence respect for the woodland environment would be of upmost priority. I would be looking initially to run 1-2 weekend courses/month an would be looking to share the profits with the landowner as a % of business which goes through the woodland. I typically looking for something 15 acres and above as I would be moving the "base camp" from area to area as to reduce the physical and visual impact on the woodland. I would require a varied selection of trees and plants and ideally a selection of wildlife in order to educate people on uses of these resources, so coniferous only woodlands would not be suitable for my needs. Thatching for shelter building (Brackon,leaf mould etc..) would be required. Ideally a source of drinking water for customers should be available as well as a place to park vehicles. To give the customers the most enjoyment from educating in this environment road noise/man made noise would be a negative. All insurance would be covered. Fires are obviously a huge part of the teaching that I would be delivering however these would be closely controlled and fully extinguished before leaving the woods. If you feel that you have woodland which meets this criteria please contact me by e-mail, hopefully there is a business oppurtunity there. Best regards Matthew Adams


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